Sony HX9V - what´s new doc?

a short overview of the new features

The control wheel
seems more like a hit and miss according to some users but the good thing is that you can use the 4-way controller in most cases instead.

The custom button

MR setting

Can save 3 favorite settings
According to the scene
zoom position
white balance
exposure compensation

Fast focus and subject tracking

Minimum of about 0.1 seconds faster auto-focus
In combination with high-speed CMOS sensor and image processing engine, the shortest about 0.1 seconds, achieves high-speed autofocus.

Warning: do not activate the smile shutter while shooting a video in a place where people have to smile the whole time (sales people, conventions, the circus etc.)
When the Smile Shutter function is set to [On], the shutter releases automatically each time the camera detects a smiling face. You cannot switch [On] or [Off] for Smile Shutter during movie recording.

Lot´s of 3D

Realistic to take a photograph. 3D photography features
Can take a photo realistic 3D, three shooting modes 3 "3D Still" "3D Panorama" swing "Suingumaruchianguru" chip. After taking a 3D picture, television cameras and 3D (*) with an HDMI cable, 3D pictures can enjoy watching.
* HDMI-compliant 3D TV

Leave the scene of daily life in 3D "3D Still"
"3D Still" is used, easy to enjoy the simple 3D shooting. Simply press the shutter button once to analyze images captured by the camera, 3D image is generated. 3D too difficult shooting closeup photography.

Dynamic 3D scenes can be shot in "3D Panorama Swing (*)"
"3D Panorama" swing is used, the only great power in the wave of the camera for shooting a 3D panorama. Up to 100 images taken from high-speed communication between a camera to shake, and automatically generates a panoramic image at left and right eye for two.

Pseudo-3D camera to enjoy photos "Suingumaruchianguru (*)"
"Suingumaruchianguru" is used, 3D TV without the pseudo-3D can enjoy pictures in the camera's LCD. When you shake the camera, multi-view (multi-angle) of 15 auto-generated images of 16:9. Alternating right and left body is tilted to the LCD to play this pseudo-3D three-dimensional look at the subject. Also, when shooting the video also to be recorded, so 3D ornamental, HDMI TV connected to a 3D compatible 3D can also watch a photo.
Looks like this mode works only in the camera. The camera senses the swiveling motion and swivels the picture accordingly.
Would be interesting to see if this would work over the HDMI port also to watch on the big screen.

Yes works on a TV but has to be a 3D TV.

Choose your favorite color LCD screen with color, background color 3
Background color LCD screen, choose from black white pink. Color selection can be done easily from the menu settings.

Finally the menu gets visible in bright sun.

White balance shift
White balance and color mode can be set. Change the color of the picture, do the shooting from the image. The shooting modes are also equipped with manual exposure and shutter speed can be set.

thanks to the manual it gets clear now
so now you can generate the optimal white balance for your eye

Can take SLR camera like a portrait. "Blur the background" mode
Highlight the subject in a beautiful bokeh in the background. You can easily shoot portraits such as single lens reflex camera taken. "Blur the background" two continuous shooting with a shutter time setting mode. From these two pictures to detect the distance between subject and background, do the blurred background.

This one I really like to see!
How Sony pulls off to shoot 2 pictures, mask what appears the foreground, pastes it into the background picture, add some feather to the masked object and does this in a very short time.

It works surprisingly well in the samples I have seen so far.

Solid hold in pursuit of a sense of design, beauty and functionality Using a resilient rubber material to grip, hold a sense of seeking to get fit in nicely. In addition, the functional buttons are placed, to achieve a compact yet comfortable operation
Getting operations also resolved on the spot. Guide "in camera"
you got to love these automatic translations, this Sony HX9V now comes with it`s own surgical team.
If you are unsure or operation is useful when you want advice on how to use shooting mode guide "in camera" with. And how to use each feature, so you explain to them how to shoot even when the operation is difficult to understand the road can be resolved on the spot..

With the USB port in camera charging you can use every simple emergency USB power-up to recharge or operate the Sony HX9V.

Party-shot (TM) (Shot Party) supported

Cyber-shot automatic enjoy "Party-shot" (sold separately) are available. Cyber-shot is set to pan (rotation), tilt (angle adjustment), while the zoom, finds the subject's face, captured for us automatically. In addition, HX9V is "taken orders" are also supported. So you know when the camera shutter, but also enjoy commemorative photo pose with friends.
It would be interesting to see if this could be converted for surveillance
pictured the HX7V


  1. I tried the "control wheel" on a WX9 the other day. No problem - if you do it right.

    Place your whole thumb or finger tip on the wheel and turn your whole hand to rotate the wheel, rather than trying to just roll the wheel on one side of it. This way you keep equal pressure on the whole wheel and do not press down on either the top/bottom or two sides where rocker choices are.

    Works very smoothly, at least the one I tried did. Do it this way and there is no issue that I can see with this wheel.

  2. I'm going to ask here.
    The final release date on USA are the 5th April?

  3. the last time i checked on sonystyle.com the claimed May first


  4. The control wheel is not as worse as many states:


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