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Sony HX30V

The 2012 Travel zoom cameras are pretty much the same thing than last year just with a bit more zoom and nothing exiting to talk about.
So the 12MP Canon SX240 will have again the best picture quality, Sony  HX20V might be in the middle field, Panasonic has already shown with the SZ20 that the image quality is below that from the HX9V.
I don´t think that Fuji has learned to make better quality lenses this year with the Fujifilm FinePix F770EXR (see the orb disaster and the way they react to it)...

I will add a comparison from the HX20V to the HX9V here but there will be no new blog since it is pretty much the same camera just for more money.

The funny thing of this less exiting small update to the previous cameras HX100V and HX9V is, that last year Panasonic was much more expensive with the ZS10 than the HX9V and dropped quite fast in price way below the HX9V. This year the HX20V is already much more expensive then the ZS20 while bringing only mediocre enhancements (a bit larger zoom, 2 more MP, a bit faster low light focus and some more tiny things - but nothing is mentioned if the much criticised sluggish UI is finally replaced with a more snappy one)

After reading through some first (p)reviews from the HX200V the new 18MP sensor combined with the image processing can be summed up in one sentence. A tiny bit better in low light, less smothering, more noise and much more sharpening.

It looks like Sony found a way to recycle the Tsunami debris:
Manufactured with “SoRPlas” – Sony recycled plastic – a durable plastic containing 99% recycled materials. I wonder if somebody checked for radiation before they put all the plastic in a shredder...
...and do not worry about the 18MP sensor, Nokia packs a 41MP sensor into the 808 Pure View cameraphone - a 1/1.2" sensor with 1.75 micron pixels.

So if you are looking to buy something new this year, a heavily price reduced 2011 model is the way to go.

here is a PDF about the new 18MP sensor.
ISO is now up to 12800 just to play some more "dumb customers" number games.
The new cameras will hit the stores in May.

There is already a first look at digitalversus what compares the HX100V to the HX200V

Sony HX20V

Sony HX20V

Sony HX200V

Sony HX200V

Sony HX10V


  1. Will you setup another Blog for the hx20?

  2. You are very negative!! This new model (HX20V) is better in low light. It has HDR photo shooting mode. The body is nicer. It has better Flash (Natural Flash) And a better LCD screen. ( @JAdvies follow me on twitter)

  3. nah, you just believe too much in the marketing bullshit, I believe in facts and proof I can see.

  4. I love my hx9 and check your blog often. I was also surprised to see the minimal improvement in iq and expected much more from Sony. But unless Canon has seriously improved on the 260, I'll still buy the hx20. I just can't stand the way the Canon movies skip when you take a snapshot during video... And the Canon low-light video looked like it was filmed in a snowstorm, just like the Panasonic (i owned all 3 last year). That's just me though... I shoot photos with my Nikon DSLR, but keep my hx9 on my hip for snapshots and videos.

  5. the camera isn't out and you already hate it? come on... its like saying hx5v was better than hx9v blablabla move on.
    hx20v will be better than hx9v.

  6. Blogger design is very beautiful and Very good article.


  7. yes anonymous hx20v will be better as HX9V and HX5V, it has more zoom, more pixel and more features it also cost more, so it has to be better...
    sadly but not where it counts in taking beautiful pictures - it is just not possible to take a 18MP picture with a 2000x2000 line resolution.


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