The Sony HX9V on the net

HX9V from Amazon UK with free shipping after mail in rebate £259.99

Sony is offering UK customers up to £40 cashback
* DSC-TX10 £30 cashback
* DSC-HX7V £30 cashback
* DSC-WX7 £30 cashback
* DSC-WX10 £30 cashback
* DSC-HX9V £40 cashback
* DSC-HX100V £40 cashback

Another enthusiast created a Sony HX9V website with an easy to remember name: sony-hx9v.com

"The Sony has better ergonomics than the ZS10. It feels really comfortable to hold.

The real shortcoming is the failure to include shutter priority and aperture priority on the command dial.
Its hard to imagine why this product went to market without these two features, but the omission is serious. It seems to be what happens when products are designed by computer geeks rather than serious photographers.
It took Panasonic three generations of the Z - series before they corrected the issue, which is now included in the ZS 10."

Why on earth would anyone who understands a bit about photography, refraction and the Airy Disk further restrict the little amount of light what reaches the small sensor with the high MP?
The reason there is no shutter priority and aperture priority is you just have 2 parameters to work with:
The aperture is fixed by the zoom range (3.3 to 5.8)
The ISO should be as low as possible
That leaves only the shutter speed what the camera uses to adjust the right settings.

If the shutter speed goes too low the camera has to rise the ISO. If the shutter speed goes too high the ND filter gets activated as a counter measure.

An aperture makes only sense if you have a bigger sensor, less MP and at least 3 aperture steps to work with. - And none of the pocket superzooms not even the TZ20 has this.

That is the reason why shutter priority and aperture priority does not  make sense and is not implemented in the HX9V.

GroovyVlog Sony DSC HX9V Video Review

Amazon.com has the HX9V for $349 direct from Amazon shipping now
Amazon.de  does not have the HX9V but lowered the price to EUR 329,90
Amazon.co.uk no price and don't know when or if this item will be back in stock.
Amazon.fr takes orders and offers the black HX9V for EUR 395 and the gold for EUR 379

Sony HX9V user manual as PDF and as HTML, also if somebody wants the HX100V manual as a zipped PDF all courtesy of the work from Craig.

HX9V users share their experience and results
Sony HX9V user group at Flickr
Chris - Hirsti and on Flickr - Pauls898 and on Flickr - dereham - Picture IQ with HX9V/using PS3 (Mini Review) - Brian S Kerr -

Sony Spain just moved the price for the black HX9V from 370 Euro to 400 Euro, the golden HX9V is still at 370 Euro.
Sony France
just moved the price for the black and gold  HX9V to 399 Euro.

Sony Germany
  is still for the black and gold HX9V at 369 Euro

Sony Austria  is still for the black and gold HX9V at 379 Euro
Sony UK  is on preorder  for the black HX9V for £349.99 Incl Vat
Sony USA  is ready to deliver the black HX9V for $349.99

The 400 Euro in France and Spain include around 20% sales tax.
with the exchange rate of today that is: 400 Euros = 585.24 U.S. dollars
or the other way round: 350 U.S. dollars = 239.218099 Euros

People there is something major wrong with this picture.
I was content with 299 Euro what my HX9v should cost, but to tell you the truth, everything over 300 Euro is too much for my taste all things considered.

Dear Sony, if this charade continues my HX5 will be good for another year of excellent service and you will be again on my no buy list as you were when you tried to force your memory stick on the camera buyers. Start people telling the truth what is going on!

Expect major delays in most European countries because of the situation in Japan.
It looks like in the USA Best Buy stores have got some of the initial shipment. I got a report that Jessops, UK has also stock. In Canada you still can even get it from Sony on-line.

Sony HX9v Camera: Stuck in Japan?
Les Numeriques talked to Sony France about the situation. (English via digital versus)

Sony Germany quotes a 2 months delay and has now June as a scheduled availability.
Sony Spain, France and Poland think they get the next delivery in June. (confirmed with several sources)
In central Europe is the situation the is the same - even local official agency of SONY is not able to say when the HX9V will be exactly on the market.

The best indicator you have when things will be back to normal is checking the Amazon stores. Amazon USA, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany

  Did you find the HX9V available somewhere? Please share your discovery here.
If you need urgent a camera with most of the HX9V features, have a look at the heavily discounted Sony HX5V like for $199 at Amazon

Chris uploaded the on-line manual for the HX9V.
If you prefer, you also can download the off-line version as a zip file, just unzip anywhere, open the folder and click on index.html to start the manual.
A part of the off-line manual was missing, get the updated version.

I just got confirmation from Chris that the HX9V also has the Super Macro ability.
"it will allow you to zoom in up to about 2.8x at the same distance (as full wide angle) and obtain an image larger than the TZ7 can achieve at 1cm (and with less distortion)!"
Also the wheel seems a bit of a getting used to item:
"The control wheel is, to put it bluntly, not easy to use. You can press it rather than rotate for most things but, in M where adjusting shutter speed/aperture requires rotation, it is difficult to do so without pushing in at the same time.
Incidentally, the detent on the Mode Dial is firm and will not get knocked out of your chosen mode accidentally."

I think a few 100 revolutions with the finger or a rotary tool should loosen the wheel up nicely


Some Sony HX9V manuals are on-line, but sadly just for what button does what. So for now you can skip on that one.

1/2.3 Exmor R CMOS sensor 16.8 million pixel - used pixels 16.2 million, a 16x zoom from 24 mm to 384 mm f:3.5 to 5.9, 0.1 sec. focus time, Intelligent Sweep Panorama HR up to 43MP with 10480 x 4096 resolution and the new party-shot now also works with the HX9V.
The flash pops up automatically when flash is on/auto and the shutter button is pressed.

The Sony G lens got a bit faster in the wide angle and a bit slower in the tele.
Moving the flash to the other side makes it impossible now to cover by accident. The hand-grip is confirmed as rubberized.

I found some shots from the new menu on the 920k screen and superimposed them onto a couple HX9V backs.

on the right you can see the door with the mini-HDMI and the USB port, the wrist strap holes are under the thumb rest.

original shot from a working Sony HX9V

The 4 way controller has a scroll wheel now and the positioning of the buttons is better.
Press the ?/garbage can button to question the all knowing garbage can.
Rumors say it is to summon Santa´s Sony´s Little Helper (the help menu).

A look at the 920k dot screen (from the Sony HX7V what has an identical screen)

as you can see from the pre-production model, the microphone area got modified with the double amount of holes also the modes on the mode dial got changed.

MR = memory recall - The HX9 will remember your favorite setting(s)
The custom button will make things more easy at customs inspections at the airport. ;)
The well pronounced hand grip with the rubber like texture and the rubber thumb rest improves the grip very well.

The mini HDMI port.
So you will need either a mini HDMI to HDMI cable or one of the mini HDMI to HDMI adapters.
The wrist strap holes are not as I first presumed under the thumb rest, that might be the speaker opening.
Sadly the USB port is part of the Multi Port at the bottom, so we need a proprietary cable to charge the HX9V. That is retarded Sony! If we loose the cable or it breaks then we are ...

some Sony HX9V & HX100V Cyber-shot Questions Answered
how few question can you answer in 6 minutes...

Technical specifications DSC-HX9V

Please be aware that the features/specifications can differ from country to country.
Optical Zoom 16x
Precision Digital Zoom Approx. 64x (Total)
Smart Zoom up to 115x (with VGA)
F 3.3-5.9
Focal Length (f= mm) 4.28-68.48
Focal Length (f=35mm conversion) 24-384
Macro (cm) iAuto (W:Approx.5cm(0.16') to Infinity, T:Approx.120cm(3.94') to Infinity)
I hope that the lens allows for the same 2.4 x super macro as the HX5 did (see my HX5 blog)
Filter Diameter (mm) NO

Sony G YES
CCD Type Exmor R™ CMOS Sensor
Size (Inches) 1/2.3 type(7.77mm)
Effective Pixels (Megapixels) Approx. 16.2
Bionz Processor YES
Face Detection YES
Smile Shutter YES
Soft Skin Mode YES
Background Defocus YES
Waterproof NO
Backlight correction YES

Intelligent Sweep Panorama YES

3D Sweep Panorama YES
Auto Focus Area (Multi Point) 9 points (Under Face Undetected)
Auto Focus Area (Centre weighted) YES
Auto Focus Area (Spot) NO
Auto Focus Area (Flexible Spot) YES
Manual Focus YES
Aperture Auto Mode YES
Aperture Priority Mode NO
Aperture Manual Mode YES
Shutter Speed Auto Mode (sec) iAuto(2"" - 1/1600) / Program Auto(1"" - 1/1600) / Manual(30""-1/1600)
NR Slow Shutter 1/3sec or slower
Hand Shake Alert YES
Exposure Control ± 2.0EV, 1/3EV step
White Balance Auto (intelligent), Daylight, Cloudy, Fluorescent1, Fluorescent2, Fluorescent3, Incandescent, Flash, One Push, One Push Set, White Balance Sift
Automatic White Balance YES (Intelligent)
Light Metering (Multi Pattern) YES
Light Metering (Centre weighted) YES
Light Metering (Spot) YES
Sharpness Setting YES
Saturation Setting YES
Contrast Setting
So we did scream loud enough that ist was missing at the HX5
ISO Sensitivity (REI) Auto / 100 / 200 / 400 / 800 / 1600 / 3200
Scene Selection 11 (Auto / Portrait / Backlight Portrait / Twilight Portrait / Twilight / Backlight / Macro / Landscape / Infant / Spotlight / Low Light )
SteadyShot capability YES
Optical SteadyShot capability YES
Flash Mode Auto / Flash On / Slow Syncro / Flash Off
Pre-flash YES
Red-Eye Correction Auto / On / Off
Auto Daylight Synchronized Flash YES
Distance limitations using Flash (m) ISO Auto: Approx.0.25-Approx.5.6m (Approx.0.820'-Approx.18.4')(W) / Approx.1.2-Approx.3.0m(Approx.3.94'-Approx.9.84')(T), ISO3200: up to Approx.7.9m(Approx25.9')(W) / Approx.4.4m(Approx14.4')(T)
LCD Screen Size (inches) 7.5cm (3.0 type)
LCD Total Dots Number 921.600
LCD Monitor Type TFT
Auto Bright Monitoring YES
Optical Viewfinder NO
Electrical Viewfinder NO
Recording Media Memory Stick™ Duo / Memory Stick PRO Duo™(Mark2 only) / Memory Stick PRO Duo™ High Speed (No Speed Advantage) / Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo™ (No Speed Advantage)
Recording Media II SD Memory Card(Class4 or Higher for movie), SDHC/SDXC Memory Card(Class4 or Higher for movie)
Recording Format JPEG
DCF (Design rule for Camera File System) YES
DPOF (Digital Print Order Format) YES
Burst Mode (shots) Approx.10 fps(10 shots)
Burst Interval (approximately sec) Approx.0.1 sec.(10 shots)
Still Image size (16M 4608 x 3456) YES

Still Image size (10M 3648 x 2736) YES

Still Image size (5.0M, 2592 x 1944) YES

Still Image size (VGA, 640 x 480) YES
Still Image size (16:9 mode, 1920 x 1080) YES
Still Image size (16:9 mode, 4,608 x 2,592) YES

2D Panorama 7,152 x 1,080(204deg) / 4,912 x 1,080(140deg) / 4,912 x 1,920(149deg) / 3,424 x 1,920(104deg) / HR (10,480 x 4,096, 196deg)
3D Panorama 7,152 x 1,080(204deg) / 4,912 x 1,080(140deg) / 4,912 x 1,920(149deg) / 3,424 x 1,920(104deg) / 1,920 x 1,080(55deg)

Hey Sony, you forgot the:
(AVCHD 1920 x 1080(50p) Approx.28Mbps(Average bit-rate))
Moving Image Size (AVCHD 1920 x 1080(50i, Interlace) Approx.17Mbps(Average bit-rate)) YES
Moving Image Size (AVCHD 1440 x 1080(50i, Interlace) Approx.9Mbps(Average bit-rate)) YES
Moving Image Size (MP4/AVI 1440 x 1080 Approx.25fps Progressive) Approx.12Mbps(Average bit-rate)) YES
Moving Image Size (MP4/AVI 1280 x 720 Approx.25fps Progressive) Approx.6Mbps(Average bit-rate)) YES
Moving Image Size (MP4/AVI 640 x 480 Approx.25fps Progressive) Approx.3Mbps(Average bit-rate)) YES
Moving Image Size (AVCHD 1920 x 1080(50i, Interlace) Approx.24Mbps(Average bit-rate)) YES
HD (High Definition) Playback Under 16M(4,608 x 3,456)
Slideshow Playback YES
Slideshow with Music YES
Slideshow Movie YES
Trimming YES
Playback Zoom YES (8x)
Cue & Review (MPEG) YES
Index Playback 16 / 25 images (Date / Folder-Still / Folder-Movie / AVCHD)
Image Rotation YES
Auto Image Rotation YES
Auto grouping and & Best Picture Recognition YES
Battery Remaining Indicator YES
Histogram Indicator YES
Exposure Warning Indicator YES
Disk / Memory Stick remaining indicator YES
PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol) NO
Print Image Matching YES
PictBridge NO
Shop Front Mode YES
Start up time (approximately sec) Approx. 2.3 sec.
Menu Language English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Polish, Czech, Hungarian , Turkish, Greek, Bulgarian, Croatian, Romanian
Multi use Terminal with HD
is this the HDMI port ???
I don´t think so!

Type3b, AV ( SD ) / USB / DCIN
Multi use Terminal
for Party-shot

AV Out
this is opposite to the
Multi use Terminal with HD
USB 2.0 Hi-Speed YES
Battery System Lithium N
Supplied Battery NP-BG1
Stamina (battery life) with the supplied battery(s) in normal shooting condition 410 shots, 205min (CIPA standard with LCD screen on)
Sony Japan shows different shots per charge: 300 shots / 150min - 70min video
that is more realistic since display, processor and battery are the same as in the HX7V.
Battery for Clock Manganese-Lithium (MS614SE)
Weight (g) Approx. 215g (7.6oz.)
Weight with Accessories (g) Approx. 245g (8.6oz.)
Supplied Software Picture Motion Browser (Windows only), PMP Portable, Music Transfer
Supplied Accessories Rechargeable Battery Pack(NP-BN1), USB charger(AC-UB10/10B), USB cable, Wrist strap, CD-ROM
Width (mm) 104.8
Height (mm) 59.0
Depth (mm) 33.9

16.2 Megapixel Back-illuminated “Exmor R” CMOS Image Sensor

The DSC-HX9V features a 16.2 megapixel “Exmor R” CMOS image sensor that brings out the full resolving power of the camera’s Sony® G lens to deliver extremely fast speed, high resolution, and stunning low-light sensitivity with improved image clarity and drastically reduced grain.
I like to see that!
In addition, the combined “Exmor R” CMOS sensor and BIONZ™ image processor delivers extremely fast 10fps, Anti Motion Blur, Hand-held Twilight and 1080p movie modes.

The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V has separate buttons for shooting video and stills, and ‘Dual Rec’ mode allows simultaneous capture of crisp still images (3mp in avchd or 2 mp in mp4 mode) without interrupting video recording. (Dual Rec is not supported in 60p/50p mode).

Capturing no less than 60/50 Full HD (1920 x 1080) progressive frames per second, this assures even smoother video playback with sports and other fast-moving action.

With the 1080 50/60p video mode you have a 2mp 50/60 fps picture shooting mode at your disposal. Just pick what ever frame you want at home.
To get an idea about the quality, go to my HX5 blog and click on the top 2 pictures. These are screen shots from a 720p 25 fps video stream. The pictures are 1mp. Now think how good 2 mp and 50/60 fps will look.

The new Hi-Speed Linear AutoFocus feature makes it easy to focus on your subject with DSLR-like speed. Instead of a mechanical gear to drive the AutoFocus, Sony uses a magnetic coil (like those used in an audio speaker) to move the lens linearly and achieve AutoFocus in a straight back-and-forth motion—not rotationally.

Superior Auto mode
The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V has improved Superior Auto™ and Intelligent Auto™ modes

Get cleaner, more dynamic pictures and fewer missed shots. The camera automatically recognizes the correct scene mode, then quickly shoots and combines up to six shots to produce images with greater clarity, optimum dynamic range using backlight correction HDR technology and lower image noise using 6 shots layering technology. Superior Auto intelligently detects 33 scenes for still images and 44 scenes for movies, making it easy to get the best shot.

In addition to recognizing 12 different scenes, the situation of the photographer and the subject (condition) is also recognized. Total of 36 combinations of patterns, the optimal setting automatically adjusts precisely to fit the scene.
So the two 6 shooters AMB and HHT and the HDR (now better than ever) are now part from the Intelligent Auto, about time Sony.
Finally point and click with a real brain.

Backlight Correction HDR
Don’t miss a single detail in high contrast shots. The built in backlight correction analyzes the image and automatically adjusts accordingly to give you a perfectly lit shot. Backlight Correction HDR helps correct for this by taking three pictures at different exposure settings and processing the best elements of each into a single image for more natural looking shots.
Shooting against the sun, the shutter exposure time in a (light), shooting three images are changed. While these three overlapping pieces, made the best gradation for each part to generate a single photo. This prevents the generation of bright and dark portions, finish the picture you see is natural.

Select the shooting mode
Scene modes   
• High Sensitivity
• Soft snap
• Landscape
• Twilight Portrait
• Twilight
• Gourmet
• Beach
• Snow
• Fireworks
• Pet
• Soft Skin
• Handheld Twilight
• Anti Motion Blur

The very effective low light stacking mode
This mode is very effective as numerous tests with Sony Cyber-shot and NEX cameras have proven it will give you up to 2 ISO steps more.

iSweep Panorama
(isn´t iSweep the new white broom from Apple?)
With iSweep Panorama just press the shutter, pan the landscape and let the camera do the rest. It automatically links together each frame to produce a panoramic image. This model even detects faces and moving subjects to stitch intelligently different widths to help avoid subject distortion.

The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V also include the 3D Sweep Panorama™ feature, which lets you take panoramic pictures in one press-and-sweep motion. The high-speed burst of frames is stitched together to automatically create detail-packed 3D panoramas.

3D images can be captured using 3D Sweep Panorama™ mode or the new 3D Still Image mode. In 3D Still Image mode, the 3D digital camera takes two consecutive shots in different focus positions to calculate the depths, creating left-eye and right-eye images to produce a 3D effect. Images can be enjoyed in 2D or stunning 3D on compatible 3D televisions like the new BRAVIA KDL-HX820 (3D-compatible HDMI cables and 3D active shutter glasses are also required).

High speed shooting

The DSC-HX9V can capture full 16.2 megapixel resolution images at up to 10 frames per second, helping to ensure that the decisive moment is captured such as the soccer ball flying into the goal. In addition, the DSC-HX9V employs a mechanical shutter that helps reduce distortion when continuously shooting moving subjects.
Background Defocus

DSLR photographs are often beautiful because they blur the background, putting the emphasis on your subject. Now our point-and-shoot cameras can deliver this signature DSLR benefit. The system takes two shots, identifies the background and applies a defocused background keeping the subject crisp and clear.

Soft Skin mode

Your portrait subjects will thank you for this. Soft Skin mode recognizes skin tones and reduces the appearance of blemishes and wrinkles without affecting the rest of the shot.

Natural Flash

Conventional point-and-shoot camera flash shots just don't capture colors the way the eye sees them. Natural Flash mode takes a reference shot without flash and then uses that reference to correct the color, for far more lifelike images.
I am very happy with the flash results of my Sony HX5.

Anti-blink Function

It’s frustrating to think you’ve captured that perfect shot, only to review it later and discover one of your subjects blinked just as you pressed the shutter. When the camera is set to Soft Snap, the Anti-blink function captures two images, recording only the photo with less squinting or blinking. If a blink is detected in other shooting modes, a warning will be displayed after you take the shot.

Smile Shutter™ technology

Smile Shutter™ technology captures a smile the moment it happens. Simply press the Smile Shutter™ button and the camera does the rest. You can also select adult and child priority and indicate the degree of Smile Detection Sensitivity. Intelligent Scene Recognition can be used together with Smile Shutter™ mode. This means that beautiful smiles can be captured with settings optimized for the particular scene, even in difficult conditions such as twilight and backlighting.

GPS and Compass

An integrated GPS receiver and compass record the location and direction of every shot you take and let you view your images on a map with compatible computer and internet applications, so you can remember where you took your favorite shots.

The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V has easily accessible from the cameras’ menu button, an In-Camera Guide what lets users get on-screen help without thumbing through paper instruction manuals. If you are unsure or operation is useful when you want advice on how to use shooting mode guide "in camera" with. And how to use each feature, so you explain to them how to shoot even when the operation is difficult to understand the road can be resolved on the spot.
Charge via a USB cable wall charger or directly from your PC

The microphones have digital wind filter.
To reduce wind, clear sound recording
Pick a wind noise reduction feature from the Settings menu can be infiltrated by all means would reduce the wind while shooting video.

No more HDMI dongle thanks to mini HDMI port
Too easy video viewing high-definition televisions. Equipped with HDMI jack
HDMI output, so you can enjoy watching more easily in high-definition TV pictures. HDMI cable (sold separately), a book, simply connect the camera and high definition TV, full HD movie (*) can play. Of course, the photographs also enjoy high-definition televisions.
But now you need either a mini HDMI to HDMI cable or adapter.

Focus tracking
Also subject is moving, tightly focusing
Continue focusing on the subject aimed at the "focus track" for the movie as well. In a moving subject, you can shoot well in focus.

Imprint a date stamp onto your photo.

3.0” XtraFine LCD
3.0” (920K) XtraFine technology gives you brilliant-quality still images and movies with easy focus.
Details and subject to subtle gradations can be displayed clearly. 3.0 Since a large screen and wide viewing angle type checking done comfortably focus and image.
Photo is from a HX7 with the same resolution screen.

You can now change the screen menu background color. (I always had big problems with black screen and white fonts in the bright sun, so black fonts on white will be much better to read)
Movie mode:
AVCHD 60i/60p: 28M PS (1,920 × 1,080 / 60p) / 24M FX/17M FH (1,920 × 1,080 / 60i) / 9M HQ (1,440 × 1,080 / 60i), MP4: 12M (1,440 × 1,080 / 30fps) / 6M (1,280 × 720/30fps) / 3M VGA (640 × 480/30fps) 

recording time

Still Image Size:
4:3 mode: 16M (4,608 × 3,456) / 10M (3,648 × 2,736) / 5M (2,592 × 1,944) / VGA), 16:9 mode: 12M (4,608 × 2,592) / 2M (1,920 × 1,080), Swing Panorama :wide (7,152 × 1,080 / 4,912 × 1,920), Standard (4,912 × 1,080 / 3,424 × 1,920) and in HD 10480x4096

the bottom got redesigned too
a more sturdy battery and storage door with extra lock, the multi port is replaced by the party-shot connector and the tripod mount is moved from the corner to the center and a bit more towards the center of the lens.

Compatible with the HX9V and several other Cyber-shot™ models, the latest Party-Shot™ IPT-DS2 is a docking base that automatically shoots smiling, relaxed portraits of everyone in the room. The new model features enhanced styling, touch sensitive activation for ‘on demand’ shooting and support for Intelligent Sweep Panorama with compatible Cyber-shot™ models. Supplied with a protective cover and a tripod.

The Sony HX9 has the same very effective active mode image stabilisation. It is 10 times more effective than the normal stabilisation.
Orange = normal stabilisation - Blue = active mode stabilisation

Firmly to prevent blur when shooting video
Compared with optical image stabilization, 10 times (*) Non-compensation angle is achieved, "Optical Image Stabilizer / Active mode" chip. While walking or shooting, or even shoot while chasing kids and pets, you can leave the brake firmly suppressed images.

Here is a sample with the active mode in action from a SONY HX5V.

For more information about the different modes and to get an idea what the HX9V will be capable of, take a look at my HX5V blog.

This is just one posting, there are much more.


  1. You say that the HX7v "was a big letdown." What is it that you dislike? Or what feature(s) of the HX9v seem more compelling? Thanks.

    John McCormack

  2. The HX5 was a milestone in Travel Zooms regarding the features.
    The HX7 uses the same 10x zoom the same 1080i video mode, I was missing the innovation that I than gladly found with the HX9. (see comparison with the HX5.)

  3. I'm going to consider this compact for traveling when I don't want to risk taking my 50D and lenses.
    Thanks for the preview, no other camera can beat these features that Sony always integrates. Only worry that is left are the 16MP on such a small sensor.

  4. The HX5v was the _only_ P&S camera I ever returned after two weeks of hard use and I've been shooting for over 50 years. The image quality was rather poor - lots of NR and smudging, poor overall resolution. I like the bells and whistles on the HX5v and hope the HX9/7 will be an improvement.

  5. if you did not liked the image quality from the HX5 , the hx9 will be NOT your camera.
    If you still have some pictures from your test left, read about post processing on my hx5 blog - it makes a hell of a difference!
    But a hybrid camera is more than only crisp pictures...

  6. Is the lens on this camera exactly the same as the HX5?

  7. I love my HX5 and the HX9 appears to be a super replacement , if its low light performance is at least as good. Although I would prefer fewer pixels in exchange for even better high ISO performance. Also, I would like to be able to sut off noise reduction and do it myself.

    Here is my HX5 Gallery, if anyone is interested.


  8. @ Ina HX7 and HX5 have the same lens, HX) is a new one
    @ Frank, you really like to get creative with you HX5, she is the right camera for that.

  9. Is love to see some video in low light to get an idea of how it performs.

  10. 1/2.3 sensor - it is too small (Even hx5v has - 1/2.4 sensor ), Hmmmm... too bad. Will wait another model from uncle SONY ^)

  11. 1/2.3 is bigger than 1/2.4 !!!

  12. fyi, here's the press release:


  13. thanks, I know. but I bring rather hard facts and usable data than the press mumbo jumbo.

  14. That The Sony HX9V promo video makes it seem like the camera can be used in some fairly harsh environments, doesn't it?

  15. When this camera will be release?
    And what have better the Hx100(Apart the zoom)

    Thanks, your information is really useful

  16. sure you can, just keep the dust out and watch for too high temperatures. The HX series is not dust nor weather sealed, the TX10 would be better for that kind of environment.


    the HX7V is scheduled for March and the HX9V and HX100V are due in April.
    HX100V has longer zoom, viewfinder and swivel screen. If you do not want pocket camera might be a good choice

  17. audio sample:


    sounds quite good

  18. new one:


  19. thank you added the 2 from this lucky Sony HX9V owner

  20. I am really keen to see the low light performance after having just recently returned a Panasonic TZ20 to the shop after being so disappointed with its low light performance - is the HX9V any better?
    Also is there no 3:2 format still image sizes it will take?

  21. the good low light shots I have seen so far are better then the HX5 because of more advanced image processing.
    Always remember, when you leave ISO 200 behind you should resize for best results. You have to crop like Panasonic does that, when they take a 14MP picture and auto crop in camera to the different formats and a 12MP result. I for myself will shoot mostly 16:9 with the HX9V because the viewing will be with a full HD projector (see my Epson blog)

  22. Hi,
    The stereo in HX5 is bad. Also crackling noises are heard in the video. The HX5 can not adjust the wind reduction. Can you tell me whether this problem is resolved with the HX9? Has the HX9 a good stereo sound and possibility for wind reduction?
    Thx for your information!

  23. The Testvideo Sony HX5 to my questions:


  24. at the moment you have more than a very light breeze every camera needs a mechanical windfilter. the software windfilter are mostly useless and muffle the sound a bit since they lower the level of certain frequencies.

    the HX9V has a better microphone, you have several samples here in the video section

  25. Hello everybody! Could you please help me with some information when HX9V will be launched in the US? I'm from Europe and I have a friend who lives in the US and returns in May. He could order the camera only in April. Is there any chance? I've heard that due to earthquake there is 1 mounth delay...

  26. Zary try BH

    Sonystyle.com claims: Accepting Pre-orders
    Available on or about 05/01/2011. We will email you when product ships.

  27. From what we've seen, the retail shops will have it before SonyStyle does.
    Example: SonyStyle has the WX9 in "preorder" mode saying it may ship 4/10/11. I can drive down the street and buy one off of the shelf at Walmart right now and have been able to for about 2 weeks.

  28. well, John, living not in America the closest thing I can do is checking some major on-line shops, Amazon and Sony itself.

  29. I understand, Joe. Just pointing out that what SonyStyle says regarding when a camera may be available isn't always as reliable as we'd like.

  30. Hi All!

    I need a P&S, and decided to get the HX9V. It def has its cons, but I think the pros far outweigh them, and after reading many reviews, decided on this one. I preordered it from Sony. I leave on a trip on 5/4, so I am HOPING I get it by the 3rd. I called Sony and they said that they WILL ship on the 2nd (the 1st is a Sunday), and since I ordered 2 day shipping, i SHOULD get it by the 3rd. Here's hoping...

    PS- Joe, I think I know the answer to this (no), but is there a way to set a long shutter speed? Like 1s, or 3s etc? I really enjoy doing very long nighttime exposures, moving about during the shot to create effects. I don;t think you can do that here, but I thought I'd ask.

  31. I have a question about HX9v/HX7v battery. They have the same type, the HX9 can do 410 shots (according to sony specs) but the HX7 can only do 290 shots. How can this be true?

  32. crho there are several mistakes in the Sony description, this is one of it. see: http://hx9v.blogspot.com/2011/01/sony-hx9v-compared-with-sony-hx5v.html

    Sirrealist - the shutter speed can be set up to 30 seconds

  33. Hi Joe, I must say that your blog is very informative and reads unbiased. Thanks. I've been considering the wx9 for a couple weeks now and would like to know if you can do a comparison with the HX9V. Do you think there is much difference between the two?

  34. Faustina, with the WX9 you are on your own.

  35. Where did you read about the 2 months Sony delay?

  36. I called Sony Germany after the info Sterfan reported to confirm

  37. I bought one this A.M. from Best Buy retail in Maplewood, MN, USA

  38. Does the flash pop up automatically when the camera starts (annoying feature of the SX230) or when you press "take". Does it do it suddenly or slowly (not to scare the random picture taker).

    How quiet is the motor when you zoom? Can you change the zoom speed as you go.

  39. More bad news, pixm****.es updated the HX9V avaliability date to 22/7/2011!!

    Time to think on an overseas buy?

  40. Sad to read that (hay que joderse).

    I was planning to buy before going on vacation in June, but it seems I'll have to choose between HX7V or Canon SX220, but not the same, I need my 50p :-(

    Does anyone could tell me where I can buy online the HX9V, and they send me to Spain?

    This is a channel that I found on Vimeo, dedicated exclusively to Native 1920x1080 50p & 60p clips.


  41. Antonio, you can post a clomplet link here, and I do not think it is ther available either. - Gato maybe the HX5 is an alternative since I have seen prices from 199 Euro on her.

  42. I picked up the Sony HX9V in Jessops, UK a couple of days ago. Just walked in and they had some behind the counter.

  43. The cheapest price I've seen for the HX5V, was 194.90€, here:


    And for HX7V 249€, here:


    About 54€ of difference ... But there are some important differences between the two cameras.

    Megapixels: 10,2 vs. 16,2
    Video: FullHD 50i 17mbps Vs. FullHD 50i 24mbps
    Blurred background and 3D photo, HX5V NO HH7V YES

    And something else I don't remember, Do you pay the 54€ of difference by HX7V?

  44. no Gato, I would stick with the 10MP HX5

  45. Sony HX9V is indeed available from Sony US website. It says "In Stock". Check the below link,

  46. Joe, Where did you get the delivery dates in Spain? Do you call them?. Is there any official statement on the dates somewhere?

  47. Hey, I just ordered my HX9V from ABT Electronics in Chicago, Illinois, USA. $349.99 (full MSRP, but at least I won't have to wait a month for it) and free shipping in the continental USA.

    Super excited to get this camera!

    BTW, thanks for all your posts about this. I've learned a lot over the last few days reading your blog. =)

  48. Oops, forgot to give the website.. its www.abt.com

    Should have my new toy by mid next week. w00t!

  49. Hi, I am struggling between tx10 and hx9v. Can you pleassseeee tell me the differences between those two??? in addition, which one do you prefer the most???

  50. All -

    If you are looking for an HX9V, you might try your local Best Buy.

    The one in Sarasota, FL. had one in stock today. Sorry, but I now have it, but perhaps other Best Buy stores got one or two?

  51. Iam looking forward to your pictures, JohnWho.

  52. Sorry Mandy, I do not cover the T models here. But the answer is pretty simple: If you need waterproof and very slim, then the TX10 is your camera. If this is not important the HX9 is the much better choice. you can compare them side by side at the sonystyle website

  53. Hi,

    is anyone afraid of getting a Sony camera with parts coming from the Fukushima area or maybe a camera assembled in one of Sony´s facilities near Fukushima?

    I am not an expert and there are more important things of the world, but I thought about probable radiation of such cams.

    I sent this question to Sony 2 weeks ago and got no response: there I asked Sony if any parts are in this camera which are coming from the harzard area.

    What do you think?


  54. Interesting point, the closed down Sony factories had nothing to do with camera parts at all so why is there the big delay in delivering to Europa? Sony makes more money selling in the high price Euro marketplace so why send nearly all the stock to North America? Cars and food items get scanned for radiation so I hear but what about the other tech items?

  55. I think it's all about money. Sony did some calculations and decided to delay HX9V, for some reasons it's convinient for them. Just because we can't understand it, doesn't mean it's not there ;)

  56. I have got my new HX 9V today, i m loving it !

    Excellent image and video quality..

  57. I have just entered the Sony site in Spain and found that they pushed up the price from 370€ to 400€

  58. the gold hx9v is still listed with 370 E
    I think they try to push the available HX7V what no one cares for

  59. I've just bought a gold one at authorized Sony dealer's shop in Poland. It seems it was last one, because HX9V isn't longer available (http://video-top.pl/index.php?mod=main&scr=categories&evt=init&cid=8 - in Polish).
    Cost, including VAT and domestic delivery, was approx. 350 EUR.

  60. Sony Gallery in Madrid offers discounts if you Pay in cash.

    Ie, I bought the HX7V by 269 € and on their website costs 350 €. Also I bought the HDR-CX560VE by 999€, and on their website costs 1200 €.

    Although still expensive, better buy elsewhere.

  61. I order it online few hours ago from bhphotovideo.com. I'm from Montreal Canada where the price is 399 CAD plus taxes (around 460 CAD). The total price at bh photo was 359 CAD (333 CAD plus shipping(2 to 6 days) plus taxes). Don't give up Joe... (bh photo have International shipping).


  62. Great LG!!!

    I just ordered mine. I will pray for not pay a very high customs fees.

  63. If you compare prices you shall not forget taxes. US prices are often without tax.

    In Germany we have 19 % VAT (MwSt):
    A HX9V at 369 € (incl. VAT) is 310 € without tax.
    But you don't have to pay list prices: Online retailers sell the camera for 329 € incl. VAT. That's about 277 € without tax. That's not the 240 € you quoted, but not so far apart (37 € or 13.4 %).

    Do not forget that the prices for the camera is highest as long as the camera is not available. All the "I have to have it first"-people have to pay premium prices. All the "I can wait"-people get discount prices.

  64. If I am traveling to Europe within the next 10 days, you think I should buy an extra and sell it?

  65. I paid 283€ with shipping included, and I have read in some forums in Spain that with UPS or FedEx you pay taxes for sure, but if you use Express Mail International, it is posible you not to pay taxes. If I had to pay taxes, here in Spain is 18% VAT, so in total would be about 334€.

    I'm going on vacation in June, so I have to buy now or ... next year, or buy another camera, but for that price I haven't seen any that I really like.

  66. Leroy's Glow -

    I just came from the south loop best buy in Chicago IL today and tested out the HX9V against the HX5V. Let me tell you that the differences are stark. The HX9V is amazing nicer than the HX5V, It's zoom is ridiculously crisp. I was pretty much settled on buying the HX5V from amazon for only $199 but once i started zooming with the HX9V and comparing the two there was no turning back! Trust me, I am a frugal guy, so the HX9V is that much better to have swayed me from paying $199 to $349, A bill fifty more. I am pretty sure ill be picking it up tomorrow as i vacation to Europe next week for three weeks. I will be giving that bad boy a run for its money as i plan on shooting just about everything in the vicinity.

    I look forward to having mine in my possession. Happy shooting All and i hope this helps

  67. glad you liked the HX)V Jordan show us on Flickr what you did on your Eurotrip vacation.

    Well on out little island there are only 5% tax but sending things here can be a pain in the butt...

  68. Joe, if I want to send you a link to Rapidshare with HX9V User Guide in 30 languages, where can I mail U?

  69. In Russia, went on sale at a price of 17,999 rubles (440 €)

  70. mar, you can post the link here (if you run into a problem remove the http and www part.

    ray 440 Euro for a HX9V in Russia? do you have very high taxes there?

  71. OK, here's the link: rapidshare.com/files/459632900/User_Guide.zip :)

  72. Thanks for the guides mar, I hope to implement them soon.

  73. I've got my HX9V since yesterday and I love it.
    And I want to other people can love it too. ;-)

  74. Got mine yesterday, dispatched from B&H NYC on wednesday and arrived to Spain (Peninsula) in two days.
    I'm just starting to test it, but my initial impressions confirm all read, and it's better than my stolen TZ7
    Will post more on dpreviews Sony forums

  75. Antonio,

    so you ordered the camera in the USA?

    My questions:
    - How did you handle the VAT (value added tax). Did you have to pay USA taxes and Spain taxes?


  76. Yes, from BHphotovideo, a good online shop, they give you the option to calculate, handle and pay the taxes for you.

    I ordered the camera, a 32gb sd card, a FG1 battery and a pouch, the total costs of the articles were 436 $, shipping cost was 55 $ (I choose the cheaper UPS option), and finally the VAT and duties were 128 $. Total 619 $ = 430 €

    Seems a good price to me for all :)

    You can simulate an order and see for yourself before pay.

  77. Yes, it seems is 18% VAT here in Spain.

    I order mnine wednesday too (349,99$), but by USPS (68$), so maybe next week will arrive ;)

  78. Hi Antonio, I'd like to know just one thing about your US brougth camera: Here at this blog Joe said that european cameras have 30 minutes limited video recording, but I've heard that this is just for Europe, due to some kind of tax, so your camera should be able to record video with no time limit.

    Could you please test it and tell us?

  79. Antonio,

    thanks for your help. I did also a calculation for a delivery to Germany and compared with buying the articles at AMAZON.de
    I think at the end of the day you can save approx 5%-10% when you order in the USA (depending on the exchange rate). I am not sure if this is worth due to the fact that you may get in troubles when you claim warranty.


  80. I bought the Hx9v in belgium (antwerp) for just 314 euro

  81. Got mine :) for 339 euro in Germany. Probably not the cheapest but the store has a very good service.

    Going to the US in a few weeks, but it seems a little stupid to buy a camera on holiday if you want to take pictures from day 1 :)

  82. Hello!
    It is not available anymore on Amazon.com... :(
    Neither on bhphotovideo.com...

  83. They are on Ebay in black and gold - from Hong Kong but free delivery and have the same UK plugs - £305 with free shipping! I ordered the Gold one. Yey!

  84. Hi!
    Who knows when Sony HX9V will be accessible on amazon.com?
    There will be he in June?

  85. The best review I've read.I'm struggling between Olympus SZ30MR and Sony HX9V...I saw the F is lighter in Olympus (3 vs 3.3)and zoom is powerful 24x....Which is the best for shooting pictures?...Quality pictures of course..without noise in different enviroment. Thanks!

  86. Laura when I tested the Olympus SZ30MR it was not enjoyable at all.
    Except for video in low light I found not too much to like. The HX9V is the much better choice.

  87. Thank you very much Joe! I always have been falling in love with Olympus but my last camera isn't good...so I think I'm going to buy Sony...

  88. I've got it!...It's a very good camera but for "macro" not very much...or It's me...I had a mistake:)The price is high 379 Euro..but I think tha cause is source of supplies in Japan. I would like to know for USA and Canada the weight is 48g and in all other countries is 43g...?!? What does it mean??!!! :)

  89. Hey

    I just brought hx9v after exhaustive review from your blog. I love the cam as of now.

    I would like to know, how to take long exposure time shot ? anyway i can tell the camera to take long exposure shot ? Kindly let me know

  90. Hi, does anybody know if "trimming" in playback/edit option of the specs mean "cropping of stills" or "cutting / splitting the movie clips"?

  91. Hi! I'm trying to decide if I should splurge on the HX9 or if the HX7 will suffice. Does anyone have any advice? As far as I could tell, there aren't too many major differences apart from the zoom... Thanks!

  92. you should check out the Sony HX9V, HX7V, WX10 and HX5 compared post for answers.

  93. HX9V gets turned off automatically after about 10 to 15 minutes when video is getting recorded. Is there a way to continuously record the video without manual intervention.

  94. Hi I really like my camera but want a paper manual also to read at home. does anyone know how to download the instructions as a pdf file?


  95. I just bought a Sony HX9V for $299usd with a 4GB memory card, memory card reader, cleaning kit, small tripod, and 3 LCD protective covers for $299 with free shipping from Beach Camera through Amazon.com.
    Your specs say Clear RAW NR YES, This is wrong, it does not have RAW.

    You can download the manual at:

    It is truly being reviewed as the best superzoom travel compact camera on the market for the price range.




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