Sony HX9V - Personal Log

Well, I caved in.
Too much positive reviews from the HX20v and the picture quality seems not too bad either. So as a step up from my HX5v I get all the improvements of the HX9v plus the improvements of the HX20v.
Not to mention that I got the HX20v for 279.46 Euro plus 2.99 for shipping and no tax from Amazon.es
So I really hat to get one...
Forget all my ramblings about the lunacy of the 18MP sensor and lets explore what results we can get out of the HX20v instead.
As with my http://hx5v.blogspot.com and this http://hx9v.blogspot.com , the new address is easy to remember: http://hx20v.blogspot.com
See you there...

Nearly got a Canon SX230 for 190 Euro today but than the camera guy tried to rip me off with high pressure SD card sales pitch that my class 10 would not be any good and I needed urgently to buy a card from him - that is when I left the store...
Doing some more research on the Canon SX220 / SX230 I looked at digitalcamerainfo.com who has one of the most in depth reviews with image and video resolution and much more than you find in most reviews on the net. Comparing the Canon SX230 to the Sony HX9v did raise some major points that resolution is not everything...
Still the price below 190 Euro is quite tempting for a SX220 when the best deal on a HX9V is 315 Euro in my part of the world.

After seeing the comparison images from the Panasonics, Canon and Sony if I decide to buy a pocket superzoom in 2012 it will be a Canon SX220 after the SX260 comes out and the old model drops in price.
I am still happy with the movie mode and the active stabilisation of my HX5 but I want something with better image quality. And since Canon did a "non significant update" this year I think a Canon SX220 for half the price of a Sony HX20v is the smart way to go.

From the first clips of the Sony HX20v/30v it looks like the recording start is back to HX5 (less than1 sec) speed and they finally have a much more instant play/ record switching. Also the zoom tricks down to VGA size combined with the digital looked quite impressive.

Sony HX30v full optical and digital zoom original VGA size 306x = 7650mm

If the rumors are true there will be a Sony HX10, HX20 and HX200.
With a 18MP sensor for the HX9V and HX100 replacement. Also a 20 x zoom for the HX20. If my prediction comes true, then prepare for more soft grainy pixel madness.
One feature for 2012 is while recording 1080 60fps video the cameras can capture 13MP stills.

So far it looks like the CES 2012 is a pocket super zoom non event.
Japan is still not back on track after the tsunami and the constant growing and spreading radiation.
The only camera what stands out so far is the Korean Samsung WB850F with a 21x zoom, full HD, WIFI, GPS and some interesting creative options.
The price of 379 I read so far seems a bit steep for a Samsung but we will see in several months since Samsung lately has a long time between showing and putting on the shelf in the western world.


It took until mid October until the HX9V finally hit the retail shelves here on the island - all other new superzooms were there many months ago and the HX9V is the most expensive camera by a wide margine even compared to the 24x Olympus and the Panasonic TZ20.

On my last visit to our local super stores I noticed at Worten a Fuji camera with 2 lenses for 199 Euro. The 3D W3 looked kind of nice and the price also.
Doing some research on the net it appeared that the Fujifilm 3D W3 for 199 Euro is quite a bargain and also one of the better dedicated 3D cameras.
Since I passed this year on the Sony HX9V and I am so looking forward to get the Epson EH-TW5900 I thought the W3 would be the perfect match to create my own content.
After the first shots out of the box still in the mall my wife is sold just by looking at the results on the glass-free 3D display of the Fuji...
Over half a million visitors in 9 months for just one simple P&S model and good 3 months to go for the announcement of the replacement of the HX9V and maybe starting a new blog ...

A glimpse of 2012
Samsung announced the new and fast S5K2P1 a 1/2.3" 16MP BSI CMOS image sensor. The new imager supports native 16:9-format video at up to 8.3Mp resolution at 60 frames per second (looks like the new 4k2 standard hits mainstream in a few months) and maximum 16-megapixel-resolution for stills at up to 30 frames per second. Mass production is scheduled to start in November.


After seeing some samples from the new Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ150 what by the way has now a lower Mega Pixel count with 12MP than the previous model it seems to me that 12MP is a good compromise for the small sensor cameras. I will not buy a 16MP HX9V anymore (still not available here) and will wait how much more of the camera producers will finally get IT and bring out 12MP models in 2012.
And talking about coming to the senses Panasonic finally put an motor zoom into a big size sensor lens with a pocketable size also.

With the hope of:
  1. a good readable outdoor screen (articulated if possible see the Samsung MV800) and in 16:9 like the computer and TV screens the captured movies and images will be viewed on, 
  2. less mega pixel (the 12MP cameras had superior results to the 16MP in 2011), 
  3. a mode what combines 4 pixel into one for superior sharpness, detail and low light results, 
  4. a standard USB cable charging port if the external charger is absent, 
  5. a HDMI out in at least 720p during shooting,
  6. if 3D than HDMI 1.4a compatible so it works on all newer 3D devices like the new Epson EH-TW5900 a fullHD 3D projector for just 1149 Euro what I might find under the x-mas tree,
  7. more adjustments, also in the video mode and 
  8. a 4 watt build in LED video light instead of the focus assist light.
    I look forward to 2012.
4 watt LED
I just had my first encounter with a Varta 4W Outdoor Pro what without the reflector (70 meter beam) has a near 180 degree light throw angle and is bright enough to illuminate a room up to 10 meters with light enough to shoot video with a Sony HX5.  
Right now I am in the process of combining the LED with a camera sized battery to see how well this works out and then I will look into a micro reflector what covers the 25mm wide angle.


Today, July 28 I got a call that there was a Sony HX9V and I could get it for the list price of 369 Euro (that is $583 American, tax included).
For that ludicrous price, they can shove it where the sun don´t shine.
It is now a bit over 6 months since I started this blog and nearly 400000 times someone was interested in what I had to write. The next model will be announced in  6 months and I will wait what the new models will bring. If the megapixel race continues I will get a HX9V when they are reduced to around $200 because of the next model.
So I hope you all enjoyed the ride and I think I covered pretty much everything here and then some.
See you all in 2012 for my next coverage of the Ultra Versatile Pocket Mega Zoom Cameras.


A view into the future
The megapixel race will continue but there will be tricks to battle the diffraction, sensitivity and some other problems.
Here is one of them.
Sony patented technology beyond the diffraction limit


It is now 3 months after the official launch of the Sony HX9V and in several countries she is still very hard to get.
Here on the island all other competitors are available in abundance, including the 2 months later introduced Olympus SZ-30MR,  except for the "no where to be seen" HX9V.
Yesterday I checked Darcy´s, MediaMarkt, EL Corte Ingles, Hypercore, Alcampo, CarreFour and several small retailers. None had any of the new X models from Sony.


Kiyomi Lim and her Sony HX9V

Sony will announce new compact camera(s) 2011.7.20
(what Sony needs to do is to cross breed the TX10 / TX100V with a smartphone)

no comments

A true hybrid
Looks like Panasonic had a good idea how to combine a photo camera and a video camera transformer style.
Micro Four Thirds lens mount with sliding grip and 270 degree rotating LCD what flushes to the side or the back.
So maybe this will be the first DSLR hybrid with a real electric zoom (something the manufacturers were always forgetting to incorporate).


"I had 2 Canons: Canon 5D Mark II DSLR, and my old trusty Canon G9. After our trip to Disney World last summer, where I carried only my G9, I decided that small & light was way more important to me than near-perfect image quality... And sold the 5D Mark II.

Our G9 was getting long in the tooth, and I longed for a wider angle ... and chose the Sony HX5V.

Although the Sony wasn't as good at base ISO as the G9 when pixel-peeping, I found it had some serious strengths; chiefly among them better metering, better dynamic range (or tone curves for contrasty situations), and after I printed some 13x19's at Costco taken with both cameras on the same day.. The Sony's images were preferred by all I showed the prints, including myself. ... And exposure, color, and dynamic range of the HX5V far surpassed the G9... Which WAS noticeable at standard print viewing distances. Since I rarely print at anything over 13x19... I decided not to fret that the HX5V didn't look great when pixel peeping, and didn't look back."

read the whole post on his blog


Hoya dumped sold Pentax today to Ricoh.
Now the lunatic price of the Pentax Q makes a tiny bit sense since Ricoh has some simmilar crazy prices with the GRX - change lens and sensor in an a package for a lot of money - system.
As an owner of the Rico C(aplio) R6 I am still baffled by Ricoh´s stupidity to bring out a new model every 6 months but still not manage to incorporate an optical zoom or stereo microphones in the R7, R8, R10 then using the roman X for the 10 continuing with the C(aplio)X1, CX2, CX3, CX4, CX5 and soon CX6.
8 new models and still only a 720p AVI video mode with mono sound and only digital zoom from a $330 camera. - You guys are muy loco.

Oh and according to the Pentax road map it looks like the Optio RZ-18 with 3" swivel display might show up in July 2011.
Pentax Optio RZ-18


How retarded are people?
There is a review at cnet about the Sony HX9V. The score is 3.5 from 5 (8 votes). 6 are a 5, one is a 1 because: Pros: Has a body that looks like a Canon Camera - Cons: Expensive price for memory stick - and this person does not even has the HX9v at all - the other 2 star review Pros: Much, according to CNET review - Cons: No Viewfinder
How do these kind of people even manage to get on the Internet?


If you thought the buying a Leica-V-Lux-30 for $750 was the ultimate in stupidity, Pentax can top that by a wide margin.
How about around $1350 for a camera with the same 1/2.3" 12MP BSI CMOS sensor (made by Sony) as the Canon SX230, a f/1.9 47 mm "prime lens" ($799 as kit with the Pentax Q) a f/2.8 to f/4.5 3x zoom lens ($299) and a non zooming optical viewfinder ($249).
Now we top this with a WALL-E  look alike flash and the name of Star Treks weirdo number one -  John de Lancie - better known as Q.
A character who thought much higher of himself than the rest of the galaxy did.
We have a winning combination for the loony of the year award.
That is more than for a Sony A77 with a 3 x zoom lens and way more than for a Sony A65 with a 3 x zoom lens!
This is the best demonstration how the Fukushima radiation affects the brains from the Pentax people in Tokyo.- Got a better explanation?

if that was not enough, how about a couple toy lenses for $80 each or a Fish-Eye for $130 to produce unique, eye-catching images with an exaggerated, distorted perspective to shoot Close-Up Animals with a Wide Angle Lens Wearing Hats as seen on South Park

for working 5 years to come up with the Pentax Q I hereby award Pentax the Godzilla Facepalm of the year
there was once a time when learning a
language to program a computer was exiting ...

Want to look cool?
Have enough money to burn?
Like to buy the best brand names?
If you think Sony makes lousy cameras and it has to be a Leica
How about the Leica-V-Lux-30 - the most expensive travel zoom for $750?
It is just a Panasonic TZ20 with a Leica front plate for the double price, but hey what is money or IQ when you have a Leica to show of?

Leica-V-Lux-30 ISO 160 original quality and size dead center crop
Review with more images look here
... you can now proudly say with a warm and fuzzy feeling inside:"my Sony HX9V is even better than a Leica"

As a user of the HX5 the step up to the HX9V is not that essential ( as it was from my mono VGA digital zoom  movie mode Ricoh R6 to the HX5) since I already have most functions and the HX9V is still no where to be seen here - there is also that I am looking towards to meet the A77 - but if a gold HX9V should cross my part I am not sure if I could resist if the price is right...


This is too good not tho share!
You all have a nice weekend.
more here

Spanish village declared the first Smurf village in the world
It’s been chosen by Sony for the world premiere of The Smurfs 3D, which premieres in Spain in August, and has undergone a transformation which has needed 9,000 kilos of paint to turn the village blue. The Town Hall, the church and even the cemetery have changed colour.

Looking at some of the new cameras, is it just me who thinks some look like toy cameras with their tiny lenses ( yes I know about aspherical lenses)...

now compare that to the HX9V


I just had a look at the new Sony SLT-A35 and Sony NEX-C3.
The HX9V beats their panoramas with the panorama HD with more than double the resolution and the C3 still has only a 720p mode while the A35 still only has the 1080i mode and looses the articulated screen.
Talking about useless upgrades or more downgrades but you have now so important features as: ‘Picture Effect’ options like Partial Color, Retro Photo, Pop Color, High Contrast Monochrome, Posterization, High-key and Toy Camera..
Way to go Sony, way to go.


I can take a hint when they beat me over the head with it...
My now ex camera guy told me today that they just sold the one HX9V they had ordered for me ( I placed that order end of February or so) to a customer who showed up before me. Media Markt who I checked today does not even have the HX9V listed in their computer. OK Murphy, you won an I give up.
See you all in 2012 for the next models.


It looks like a HX9V has made it onto my island and I actually might have her in my hand on Saturday the 4th of June. I am not holding my breath and can not promise anything but if things work out I might be able to put the HX9V through the wringer for a week and tell you about it.


I stumbled today over an Olympus SZ-30MR today sitting next to a Canon SX230 for the same price of 329 Euro. For that price I thought I give it a test run and compare it with a 10 MP Sony HX5V and a 5 MP Canon S2
more at: http://sz30mr.blogspot.com/


This blog has come to an end.
I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed making it but I decided against getting a HX9V.
The reason is that I do not like how Sony "handles" its customer. No information why the western EURO LAND does not get any HX9V. Instead there are things like the rootkit, kicking the little guy who jailbroke his PS3. The following scene retaliation where over 50 million Sony customers and their data including their credit cards were exposed because of sloppy security. Again Sony not coming forward with the information fast enough to protect it´s customers.

On top of this all how Japan handles Fukushima (see the 4 links on the right column).
To be quite honest I have enough. I saw how the the Gulf of Mexico disaster was handled and how much the industry forced their will upon the people.
I will respond in the only way the industry will get the message. I will not buy anything from Japan until I see that things change towards the better.
You will find me at my HX5 and other blogs.


Have a nice weekend and take a look at this.

I think I covered as much as possible of the HX9V without having one in my hands. The last weeks there is nothing new emerging on the net, so I guess who had one to write about, did it and it is posted here. Take your time to read through all posts, because even in the old ones there are some hidden gems. I will still monitor the situation and if there are changes will let you know.
Oh - and if you have a HX9V now it is your turn to tell me about it.


Sony Data Theft: What You Need To Do ... Right Now!
"Sony is claiming that there is no evidence to suggest the service's 77 million users' credit card details have been stolen (!). However, Sony isn't excluding the possibility that some users' card details may have been obtained by the hackers"

Over 200000 hits in good 3 months, thank you for your interest.

Today I went to my camera guy and got my deposit back since he has no idea when the HX9V will hit the shores of our island. I am sorry, but you have to wait a while longer until you can read here about my fist hand experiences.


I joined the existing Sony HX9V user group at Flickr as an admin. If you want to see a lot of photos from the HX9V or would like to stay in contact after you got your new toy, head over there, view and post  images and join the discussion or ask questions.

Happy whatever you celebrate in your part of the world.

in Harlingen, TX

Amazon  Germany, UK and USA have now the HX9V listed but with no stock and no exact date when this will change. The same with a lot on on-line stores I checked.
It seems Sony did not tell the truth what was / still is effected because of the earthquake / tsunami / Fukushima.

watch Outsorced
The more info I collect the worse the picture looks. If you could call your local Sony distributor and he can give you a clear answer, please share with us.
Most the folks I called so far were a kind of Gupta (lot´s of talk, nothing concrete).

A loony person tries to sell a HX9V at the Amazon.co.uk store for the price of 558 Pound

It is Monday and after 9 AM in Japan (JST) and http://www.sony.jp/ shows:
We are very sorry. Our website is currently down for scheduled maintenance.
Really Sony? If you need help doing that during the night and without content and connection loss give me a call.


This blog is now exactly 3 months on-line and over 160.000 times people like you wanted to read about the HX9V. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you found what you were looking for.


My HX9V is still in the big logistic nirvana and Olympus just moved the availability of the new SZ-30MR from April to October 22. So if you are waiting for your camera, some are trickling in but all bets regarding delivery dates are off - no matter what country. There is no one who is able to give you an answer you can bank on right now. If you call somebody, it might as well be Gupta from Outsourced - and you know what you can expect from him. ;)


This was a quiet week around the Sony HX9V, no new tests not much of exiting videos but we could learn a bit more about her competitors and so far none of them is any real competition. They are mostly HX5 clones with a longer zoom, more megapixel and worse overall results. So in case you did not read this blog completely and just want a quick answer what is the pocket super zoom to have:
Get the HX9V if you want the best mix out of performance, features and quality.
a snapshot from Digital Versus, you find the original and more here

Got my hands dirty yesterday with a valve  job for my Malguti Spidermax. My faithful HX5 protected with a kitchen paper towel did the documentation. I just love a camera where you pretty much can use all the shots you take.
Wanna see how dirty I got? go here


I had the misfortune to watch / fast forward through the most boring HP movie ever. If you have seen Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 you know what I am talking about. If you have been spared so far, read Harry Potter goes Camping and you know what you not have missed. It is very well written.


I was interested in the NEX series, but no viewfinder, the user interface and just a 3 x lens made it a no go.
Then the new A55 dazzled me with the big viewfinder and the nice display, but with the same features as my HX5, still 1080i and the sensor overheating issue in video mode made her not too attractive. My camera guy had a SIGMA 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 DC lens for 199 Euro for the A55 but the lens reviews were less than satisfying.

On my little island we have over 330 sunny days a year and nearly all my shooting is done in bright sunlight, so the low light issues from the HX9V very seldom apply to my shooting style.
After now comparing the Nikon D7000, Sony Alpha SLT-A55 and Sony NEX-5 results with the HX9V I think the need want for a DLSR is greatly diminished.


working hard to keep you informed as Google shows.


If you are not too thrilled from the image quality of the pocket super zooms, take a look at the 12MP, 36x Nikon Coolpix P500


In case you were wondering if Sony´s 50/60 fps is a god thing or not and did not believe my ramblings. Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. James Cameron:
"James Cameron ponders 48 or 60fps shooting of future Avatar films, because he's trendy like that"

So, wanna be trendy like Mr. Cameron, with the HX9V you have the future already in your pocket. (tm)

I set my blog to adult content to keep the people out who think a nipple, even it it is just 2 actual pixel big, might rob their sanity or what ever and complain at Google about that.

Now with these people out of the blog let´s have some fun!
here is a screenshot from an old classic boobs in the woods starring DD and PP.


Impressive, had the 100000th visitor in less than one day. Thank you all for your interest in my simple HX9V blog.
you people are really interested in the new Sony HX9V.
This 10 week young blog surpassed my 13 months old HX5 blog today and is heading for 100000 visitors in 2 days.
I enjoy seeing from what corners of the planet you are from, hope you find the info you are seeking and don´t be shy to just say hi.
Also if you are interested in the Sony X series (HX, TX or WX) then you will find lots of valuable information what these cameras are capable of and how to get the best pictures in my HX5 blog.
thanks for stopping by

Fukushima Nuclear Accident – a simple and accurate explanation

I just stumbled over this contraption here and I guess somebody was inspired by my blog post from 2010.
I was working on a way to better stabilize the HX5 in video mode when she was shooting from a motorcycle.
You also see one of my early wind filters what in this case was removable.
Thankfully the tripod mount is now in the center of the HX9V and HX7V.
I will work on a way to install a counter weight at the bottom of the grip, so the weight is balanced in the grip area.

If you work with the new Firefox 4, disable the menu bar, it looks much better. You can toggle the menu bar with the ALT key.


I got a little jumping spider visiting me, so out with the HX5, super macro activated and snap - got him.
While checking the result, he wanted to have a look too. I called him Bart because of the spiky hair (now I have to find a Homer somewhere).
... and that is why I enjoy the little camera so much, always handy and a set of great features like in this case a 20 x magnifier.
The HX7V should have the same super macro function since it has an identical lens as the HX5. With the HX9V we have to see. In any case the results should be even better since we have now 60% more pixels to zoom in.

You can see Bart in his original size sitting on the edge of my screen and a picture of him in 10MP original size (cropped) on the the screen


Ah - the joy of modern mumbo jumbo.
Enjoy the computer translation from Google:
Overconfidence is a big no-no, but still life shooting low sensitivity in taking that can shoot a high-quality convenient. It would be helpful when shooting in dark places, such as when taken and cuisine in the restaurant.
and Bing who wants you to start shooting while cooking:
Overconfident but taboo, and if you shoot in low-sensitivity shooting still-life, high quality photography can be more convenient. If you want to cook at the restaurant and shooting would help, such as when shooting in dark places.


If you think the pictures from these little sensor big zoom camaras are bad and everything is much better with the DSLR´s have some educated 10 minutes and read: “This Lens is Soft”…and other Myths.
One of the most amazing information are at the end:
... And stop looking at 100% images on your monitor ... 50% screen resolution is more resolution than your printer can reproduce anyway.


Early HX9 prototype discovered.
I am glad they redesigned the pop up flash
to make it less prominent.

Have a nice weekend.

I just viewed the HX7V and HX9V samples on the big screen zoomed in to match the projectors resolution. If you never have seen you photos on the big screen you have no idea what you missed. They are life-size, look gorgeous and give pixel peeping a full new meaning.
If you ever were into slides projected big instead of looking at the little printed photos you know what I mean. This is the digital version of watching slides.

comparing the ISO samples up to 200 everything is fine, then you can see the noise creeping in slowly

I just started a new blog about Home Cinema if you are interested.
Home Cinema: 25 years imax@home


Got a nice deal yesterday.
I am shopping for an Epson EH-TW3200 for some time and there was the issue with premature failing bulbs what were a no go for me - but Epson Europe has now 3 years warranty on the bulb apparently without hour limit (at least on the website and the brochure nothing is mentioned).
So I went to our local MediaMarkt to get the projector for 1199 Euro and right now they were on sale for 999 Euro. Also for the next 2 days more if you spend 1000 Euro you get a 200 Euro shopping card free. 800 Euro for that full HD projector with a 2.1x zoom is an absolute deal and the right companion for my HX9V what speaks 1080p  50 fps too.

If you in Europe and have a MediaMarkt nearby, you might want to check that out if they have the same kind of deal.


I did a lot of comparisons and reevaluating results from other reviewers the last years. One thing I learned was, there are often errors if something does not sound or look right. So if you do your own research for a product you want to buy and something looks not right try to confirm before you judge.
Here a worse case scenario Sony A55 vs, Sony NEX-5
if you compare the zoom shots, the results are the way they should be.


Today (2011-3-4) the visitors from Japan have taken over my blog.
I am happy to have you with me, thank you for visiting Sony HX9V Insider and enjoy your stay.
Also thank you for posting a link to me on bbs.kakaku.com


While doing a search for hx9v at the sonystyle.com the following error message popped up and made my day.

Why I ordered the Sony HX9V and not the Panasonic TZ20 / ZS10?
Panasonic is chipping their battery so only original Panasonic batteries work - I never buy from companies who do that kind of thing. I never bought a camera who did not support the SD card standard with one exception the Sony HX1. There were so much positive features and a 8GB memory stick could hold more video as the Canon SX1 with a 16GB SD card.
Also Sony is much more innovative and advanced with the HX9V functions like panorama HR and 1080p 50/60 fps and the Panasonic TZ20 / ZS10 is 14% more expensive than the HX9V.

I like to share a picture with you that was shot on this date (February 21) exactly 10 years ago.
The camera: Nikon E950 with 0.8MP
The place: Harlingen, Texas
The object: two things I love
for some reason I did set the year in the camera one year advance


if you find yourself ever desperate for money, here is a creative way to use an old Sony superzoom.

an add from our local pawn shop Ca$h Converters
give me your money now!


Sony  HX9V Insider
on-line less than a month
more than 30000 visitors from around the globe
all the information you want
thanks for stopping by


Since the Sony HX7V and HX9V use the same sensor, Bionz processor, firmware and 10 x or larger G lens  I decided to cover both now.
Also the Sony HX100V has the same sensor, Bionz processor and firmware so when any relevant info is available I will share this here also.

As you have noticed, I have a fable for looking into the things. That´s why I love the phantom pictures where you can see what is inside. Sadly Sony does not do a too good job with the pocket HX series (the one from the HX1 was much more detailed).
So here is something to feast your eyes on. It is from an Olympus XZ-1 what has 11 elements with 6 aspheric surfaces in 8 groups.
The Sony HX9V has 10 elements with 4 aspheric surfaces in 7 groups.


P&S - What zoom?
It all started with a simple wish to be closer to the object of desire. So we needed a zoom. The simple zooms were up to 3x, then came the Super zoom and we could reach up to 12x. With the Mega zooms we could reach up to 20x and some of the Ultra zooms reach now beyond 35x.


Finally the Sony HX9V and the HX100V arrived on the Sony Japan website.
All the info I provided a couple weeks ago are confirmed now, even changing the menu background color, the real rubber grip and the anti reflection coated display.


... new Sony camera with  a Zeiss lens, a 2/3" (8.8 x 6.6 mm) sensor what is bigger than the 1/2.3" (6.2 x 4.6 mm), a 3.4 µm pixel pitch, a F2.0 - F2.4 zoom lens, laser hologram focus assist, nightshot, full metal case.

did you guessed it? this Sony camera is already 10 years old! Happy weekend


Why we now need the V
If you search for Sony HX9 you will discover that Sony has several products were part of the name is HX9. So to easy find relevant information, this time you need to use HX9V and not HX9 to find what you are looking for.
Also while Sony named the HX5 HX5V they printed HX5 on the camera.

With the HX9V they printed HX9V on the camera this time.


Sony HX9V and Sony HX100V officially announced. - told you so


We have come a long way over the years with all the new cameras and mega pixels.
I like to share with you a picture to show you where we once have been.
It is straight from the camera.
Click on it for original resolution. How much did I crop from it? The EXIF is intact, you find out.


The Sony HX100V has been leaked a bit more today and the specs are pretty similar to the Sony HX9V.

the lens ring can be used for focus or zoom (fly by wire)

Since I got my Sony HX5 the HX1 just sits and gathers dust. Except for the swivel screen, the viewfinder and the 20 x zoom there is nothing what I miss on the HX5. She is so much more convenient.


So for 2011 It has to be high megapixel, high zoom, high speed and lots of 3D.
I was on the verge to convert my imax@home home theater to 3D and did some research. 3D full HD needs lots of processing power and HDMI 1.4 (99% of all HDMI ports in the world are 1.3 and below. Just a few 720p projectors support the 120 Hz what is needed to have 2 pictures at 60 Hz after another.
And there is very few 3D material out worth watching.
So the marketing guys in Japan came up with an idea. Let´s put 3D in the new cameras so people buy our new 3D capable TV´s. No matter it looks nothing like the 3D you will see in the theme parks on the big screen with passive glasses.
So will 3D be something to stay?

read: Why 3D doesn't work and never will. Case closed and then make up your own mind.


Now I know why Sony wanted the 16MP sensor for the HX9V.
The 2011 features and specs of the travel zooms will be nearly identical.
They all have to reach at least the specs of the HX5 with full HD and high speed shooting.
Canon (PowerShot SX220?), Samsung (WB750?) and Olympus (Stylus 9020?) will have to hop on the Sony Exmor sensor wagon too it they want to compete.

Maybe even Pentax RZ-18 with a
3″ swivel LCD, 14MP sensor, 18X optical zoom (28-504mm)
and a price tag of $300 will join this interesting group.
(The camera is expected to be very small in size.)

anybody still remembers the Kodak Easyshare One?
The year was 2005 and she had a three-inch touch-screen LCD and Wi-Fi transfer capabilities


Madness does not come in small packages.
I think the HX9 is the camera with the biggest pixel hike in p&s model history.
6 Megapixel = 60% increase in one model jump.
But wait, Sony can top that with the HX2 what is now called HX100V with a 7 Megapixel = 78% hike.
And what is with the names? What ever happens to just counting up one number like H1, H2 or S2, S3 etc.

Did you know that this is a Sony HX100 also?
Sony people, get of the sake and make some sense. There is a 12MP Exmor you could have used instead. Just because Canon did the 14 MP PowerShot SX210 in 2010 you do not need to top that in 2011. I and lot of other people got the HX5 because of the lesser megapixels and I come from a 7 year Canon user background.


  1. I would gladly pay $500 for the HX9V with a larger sensor like a 1/1.7 for better low light performance in a small package and a decent zoom.

    Is there some physical limitation to producing a camera like that?

    The reason I ask is because in research they always seem to use the 1/2.3 sized sensor but on camels like the canon powershot s95 has the larger 1/1.7 but much less zoom. Items you can only have one or the other- a large sensor or a decent zoom, but not both. When they make a camera in compact size that combines the two ill be first in line.

  2. here's a deal. someone bought the hx9v:


    don't know how to email you, so it's in the comments. thought you'd like to know ;-)

  3. thank you, it is a preview from a Sony shop in Japan and I added the info to the HX9V blog

  4. is anyone able to download the original file from the comments:


    see the comments for the link and the key. for some reason i always get a download error.

  5. I often have a problem downloading from Asia, I think they block out of country visitors.

  6. Just a little HI from Denmark - i have preordered my HX100V.

  7. Hi Claus, since the HX100V has the same sensor, firmware and Bionz processor I am sure you will have lots of great times with her. Keep in contact and let me know how you like her,

  8. I will - I'll get it in couple of days !

  9. ok joe im a religiouss nut and i didnt complain about the blog or the pics by the way ill be gettin the hx100v when it get to the us

  10. good for you getting the 100 - what kind of religious nut are you? ;)

  11. im protestant lutheran but for practical purposes yu could say born again christian

    and i dont tell people what to do or start things i just am interested in the hx100v camera

    so ill be commentin more in the future on that camera

    nuff said

  12. well my boy, then you sound like a decent lad and no nut.
    good on yer

    looking 4ward to hear your hx100v story

  13. Hi Joe!
    It's a very good thing to protect kids from seeing nipples!. Hopefully those guys are as shocked about murders and other kind of violence.
    It's a strange world!
    Many thanks and congratulations for your very informative and really interesting blog!
    And yes, I love nipples :-)
    Buen fin de semana,

  14. No, Jorge I never grasped that it is OK to show how people are killed in all kinds of way on regular USA tv but in the moment a naked body is shown or somebody uses graphic language everything has to be censored.

    And thank you for your appreciation of my work and igualmente

  15. I have yet to find a woman with 2 pixel nipples. However, I'm willing to do my part and keep on looking!


  16. Oye, me gusta mucho el trabajo que estás haciendo con este blog, sólo una pregunta: ¿crees que la calidad de imagen de la hx9v puede estar a la altura de la canon sx230 hs? ¿Tienes ya la cámara? En españa he visto que está disponible en la página web de Sony

  17. Las imágenes de la Canon son un poco más nítidas y más limpias. Pero a fin de cuentas el Sony es la mejor opción. Para mí.

  18. Creo que tienes razón, es la mejor opción. Thanks

  19. I just called the german Sony hotline yesterday and asked if the date they mention in their website is alright: end of april.
    The guy told me I should not expect the camera to be sold before mid of june somewhat. :-( Hope he´s wrong, I don´t want to wait any longer ....

  20. The HX9V is now available at many Best Buy stores in California (but not online):


    I got one yesterday. Very pleased! Great blog you have!

  21. Just bought the HX9V at a Best Buy in Ohio. I got the only one between Pittsburgh and Cleveland... Lucky I guess.

  22. yes I checked Florida yesterday from the sonystyle site and while the Sony shops do not have stock, it looks like Best Buy is one of the few who got the initial shipment. So If you want one, check out tour local Best Buy store.

    Stefan, your best indicator is Amazon. If they get it, then the HX9V is there. Bur it looks like only the HX7V is available while the WX100V who should have been shipped with the HX7V is also still not available.

  23. I ordered the HX9V from SonyStyle.ca in Canada Tuesday and received it today. They still have some in stock.
    I am already familiar with this camera as a previous owner of a HXV5 that I lost a few months ago. Not much time to play with it but so far so good.

  24. Robert,

    can you send some sample photos to Joe?
    Maybe he can upload them?
    (see my previous comment)


  25. I started the HX9V group on Flickr. To stop fragmentation of the HX9V users and their groups I would like to offer you administration rights to my group.
    I think its better to have one powerful group than lots of anaemic ones.
    Best regards,

  26. makes sense, double the fun, half the work

  27. Welcome on board of http://www.flickr.com/groups/hx9v/

  28. In Romania, it is available at a couple of online stores (since I tried to find one, 2 weeks ago).
    When I called yesterday at one of them, they said they never had it, it is Sony policy that asked them to list it, although it isn't available yet. :(
    Priced is increased from 1400 lei to 1630 lei on that site in 2 days, for the black, the gold remained at approx 1400 lei.

    Comparison CANON SX230HS and SONY HX9V

    Joe and community,

    I downloaded some sample photos of CANON SX230HS and SONY HX9V from this source:

    CANON: http://www.dcresource.com/reviews/comparisons/2011-gps-travel-zooms/canon-powershot-sx230-hs-gallery

    SONY: http://www.dcresource.com/reviews/comparisons/2011-gps-travel-zooms/sony-cyber-shot-dsc-hx9v-gallery

    Then I uploaded the pictures to a company (http://www.dm-digifoto.de/) to get printed versions of all. The print-outs are on premium "Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper Supreme" paper. So it´s not home printed!

    For a better comparison I ordered 20x30cm print-outs from the pictures from the link per above. I choosed the fruit and the golden gate bridge picture. (I also made some 10x15cm pics of the beach and the towers).

    Additionally I made 20x30cm prints of pictures with lots of grass. Link:

    and this flower pic from:

    Conclusion / Final Thoughts for 20x30cm prints.
    (I exclude 10x15 print-outs because there you cannot see lots of difference in the details):

    - CANON cam has a better quality of the details in the far far away background, BUT (!)

    - On the other hand the sharpness of the SONY is much better and I like this kind of sharpness - I think that´s the reason why Sony looses the quality in details (far away background !) as already discussed in this blog

    - On the fruits picture you can see more details on the oranges when looking on the CANON print-out - but the differences are very slightly and you have to put your nose direct on the picture

    - This picture (SONY) http://masters.galleries.dpreview.com.s3.amazonaws.com/1069087.jpg?AWSAccessKeyId=14Y3MT0G2J4Y72K3ZXR2&Expires=1304082422&Signature=qvtPlL8qJDLsmUqus8RJM%2fZxDPE%3d
    on 20x30cm print out is excellent!!!

    - The grass pictures (SONY) from the link above are also excellent.

    - What you can see on the CANON pictures is this "fringing" in high-contrast areas
    (Example of "Fringing": http://reviews.cnet.com/2300-6501_7-10007475-5.html?s=1&o=10007507&tag=mncol;page ). Sony can do this better.

    If I could change the world I would put the picture quality of the CANON into the SONY cam. Or: put the sharpness, 24mm wide angle and Video quality of the SONY into the CANON cam.

    Also the quality of the SONY display is much better than the CANON display. I could compare HX7V with SX230HS in a electronic market.

    So it´s quite difficult - but it seems I will buy the SONY cam (due to the larger wide angle, the sharpness of the pictures, better display). Another reason for me is that I don´t print photos which are larger than 20x30 cm and I only use the photos to create photobooks of my trips.

    Hope this helps a bit to make a decision if you are in the same situation like I am.


  30. Good comparison Jo.

    Yes, many people think like you. The closest thing to perfect 2011 compact would be the HX9V + the quality detail photo of the SX220/230 by 200€ or 250€, xD.

  31. Joe,

    can you do us a favor?
    I am interested in the file size of a Full HD video 60fps of the SONY HX9V camera.

    Is it right that 1 sec takes approx 3MB, so 180 MB for one minute?

    Puh..if so then I have to buy a SDHC 32 GB card class 10 for approx 50 EUR / 70 USD....


  32. Jo you find this info in The Sony HX9V on the net post - a 16GB would last for 1 hour 15 min at 60p and your battery has quit by then or is short before. - thanks for your test

  33. Jo

    I shot video with the Sony HDR-CX560 and a ScanDisk SDHC card 4GB class 2. This camera has the same transfer rate and resolution that HX9V (1080 50p/60p 28mb/s). No problem with this card.

    I'm going to buy 2 Transcend 8GB Class 10 each by £21.53 in mymemory UK. Whit this 2 you can record about 80 minutes of video, but you must have in mind the lifetime of the battery.

    It is better to buy 2 or 4 of 8gb instead of 16gb or 32gb. If there is any problem with a card you would not lose all the data, IMHO.

  34. Supposedley this store can deliver next day in The Netherlands, and it is a webwinkel/webshop


    If this is so, which I hope for you, you might get in send to your island.

    With regards, a happy reader.

  35. This one says so too


  36. "I think I covered as much as possible of the HX9V without having one in my hands."

    Yes, and thank you for your efforts.

    I have an HX9V and have posted some images on the dpreview site for folks to scrutinize.

    Link here: http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/readflat.asp?forum=1009&thread=38275309

    While none of the images may be anything special, they are probably somewhat representative of simple "P & S" - ing.

  37. Thanks for the blog. I have really enjoyed keeping up to date with it. Its also helped me to decide on purchasing my hx9v.
    The video footage on the hx9v has blowm me away, I am using it more than my main camcorder for video. Im currently working on some new videos I made with the hx9v and will be uploading them over the next month or so.
    Keep the blog going, thanks gain :)

  38. I just wanted to thank you for keeping everyone updated on the HX9V, I finally got mine this last weekend. If anyone plans to purchase it at Best Buy heres a coupon that worked for me


    Otherwise, heres a video right off the camera shot in FX mode (2nd highest quality). The audio was choppy in PS mode, so I think I need a faster SD card (I have a Class 4)


  39. Got mine today ... ;-)

    Went this morning to the post office of the Madrid airport to pay the fees and take it. 18% VAT + € 4.60 for the paperwork.

    When I have some videos & pics I will post here.

    Thanks to all for your help, especially to Joe for his great work.

  40. I have my brother working in sony japan but in plasma tv division, and i got inquired through him, he says the delivery will not began before August in a smooth manner. Untill then small chunks will keep on coming in market. Also as a stop gap for some unavailble items whose production are effected due to earthquake, some products are been outsourced from china. Really doubting the quality that will be delivered now. I plan to get throgh him but the cost of courier is also high. Looking for something else now.

  41. hello! I'm following this blog since 2 months, and waiting for this camera available in spain, I have some questions
    what about the image quality os this camera compared to panasonic lumix TZ10/ZS7, actually I have this camera and i was wondering if i sell this and buy the new HX9V.
    but I read that the corners in hx9v looks a lot blurred.
    what do you think about upgrading from lumix TZ10/ZS7 to HX9V?

  42. Thanks Kyle, the coupon worked and thanks to the discount I bought a 16 GB Sandisk SDHC 200X Class 10.

    Buenos Aires Argentina

  43. Hello, I will be getting my HX9V in the next 2 weeks. Could you please point me in the right direction as to which card to buy.
    Would this one be ok...http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0037FLUYU/ref=s9_simh_gw_p147_d0_i3?pf_rd_m=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&pf_rd_s=center-2&pf_rd_r=0Q1RS38AQRT5WZ5R3D6J&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p=467128533&pf_rd_i=468294

    Or do i pay the extra and go for this one....http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B004JJN262/ref=s9_simh_gw_p147_d0_i1?pf_rd_m=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&pf_rd_s=center-2&pf_rd_r=0Q1RS38AQRT5WZ5R3D6J&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p=467128533&pf_rd_i=468294

    Cheers :-)

  44. Thanks for the information on the HX9V. Purchased in Bulgaria, so the Gold Asian model (HX9V-N) for eq of 358 euro.
    Zoom is impressive for a compact.
    Outside subjects in group shots, showed noticeable distortion, so watch out for that.
    HQ (PS) video seems to work fine with SANDisk class 4 SD card.
    Nice camera, although I was a little disappointed with limited manual control... having to settle for the scene selection to do my bidding.

  45. Did we already point out that Imaging Resource has the HX9V images available to view in their comparison?


  46. That you stop the blog and not want to buy the HX9V is a *disaster!*

    Who else will tell us tips and make a serious rating?


  47. Even though I thought I preferred the HX7V (I had the HX5V) you talked me into trying the HX9V...and I must say it's a super keeper. I'm not even interested in trying the 7. It works and feels like a dream. I'm disappointed that you might not experience this awesome camera (and you already know it is..). I'd say be concerned less about the executives of Sony and more aware of the hard working and talented designers and engineers, who have produced a true gem of a camera.

  48. G-man = Sony's Internet Public Relation


    Looking forward to have this camera despite their non-communication on this product's release...

  49. I read a lot's of comments about hx9v and i am satisfied with the camera. But there is one thing that make non sens on this days witch is they still made cameras only for specific TV standard like NTSC and PAL. This make non sense in HD recording!. Is there anyway to buy HX9V with 30fps in Europe? Thank you for this blog.

  50. I just got mine (I'm in Switzerland).

    I am just getting started, but it seems that this camera is perfect for me and for my use (travel camera for a non expertise in photography).

    Thanks for all your advises on this camera !

  51. Sigma = Sony Internet Public Relation II (too)....back at you buddy. Now that you have the camera in hand you get it. I was just encouraging Joe to just give this camera a try...regardless of the Sony label and corporate politics. I also want to continue to hear his tips on how to optimize the HX(V. Best.

  52. Joe:

    Because of your two very good blogs (this and the HX5V), I've bought the HX5V (an excellent camera) and today I've bought the HX9V, will trade the HX5V to a friend.

    Only starting to mess with the HX9V, but it's a VERY different beast, in comparison to the HX5V. The things that I was missing in the HX5V are all there - easy and excellent background blur mode (was very hard to achieve depth-of-field effect in the HX5V), manual focus and the possibility to select some scene modes in movies (ex: landscape focus, very handy for concerts, where some heads always cross in front). Low light photos looks sharper, too. Mics look much better too, let's see if distortion occurs in concerts - the audio of HX5V was useless in concerts, I've bought a Zoom H1 recorder (SUPERB tool) and merge the audio in PowerDirector.

    I understand your deception with Sony (and agree with your concerns), but maybe you might give another chance to the HX9V. As I said, only an initial contact, but I was VERY impressed - was expecting a HX5V with improvements, but it is much more.

    Thanks for your work, and regards

  53. About your personal log oVf June 3th :
    I hate Murphy ! I like your HX9V blog. I think Sony has got stocks of HX9V now. If you order a new one to your "ex-camera guy", he may received it in few days.

    You're "ex camera guy" may had sold its HX9V ato a man who reads your HX9V blog every days and had bougth the HX9V thanks of you :)

  54. You are a man. You made a decision. Now go on and execute it. Don't whine about missed opportunities. Remove obstacles. Go ahead and get a HX9V. It's not that hard. Not even on the Canary Islands. Even your ex-ex-camera guy won't need another three months to get one. Or you buy it from some online retailer. There are lots delivering it right now. See here:

  55. Rauchbier, you have no idea how often and in how many camera shops / super stores I was in the last 2 months and asked about the HX9V and the thing with having one delivered here is a major head ache since mail / customs etc is kind of awful here in the south.

  56. Hi Joe

    I just brought hx9v after exhaustive review from your blog. I love the cam as of now.

    I would like to know, how to take long exposure time shot ? anyway i can tell the camera to take long exposure shot ? Kindly let me know

    Also in M mode, there are 4 icons at the bottom
    1) iso Setting - easy to guess
    2) some number from 4 to some 63 ? no idea what it is
    3) F x - What is this and hw to operate this
    4) EV - i guess it can't be set.

    Let me know.. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  57. dear Bhaskaran, I do not have a HX9V so you have to ask in the dpreview or any other forum for that - but first, did you read the manual? When I flipped through it there was a lot explained there...

  58. Joe, I have the HX9V and it is the best compact camera there is at this moment, great pictures en beautiful HD movies!

  59. Hi Joe, I'm wondering where did you find the lens info of the Olympus xz-1 and the phantom picture. It's really cool. Thank you!

  60. Sony is getting flooded with complaints from HX9V owners.

    Sony's P&S HX9V is regarded as the best camera in its segment for shooting 1080P60 video. However owners are complaining that the large jpeg files have far too much compression giving the still pictures a mediocre quality.

    Now a grassroot movement is spreading to make Sony issue a firmware correcting this issue. Sony Support in U.S. acknowledges that they are receiving several complaints per day on this issue and has hinted they will look into this if they continue receiving complaints.

    If you are an HX9V owner and would like to see a firmware upgrade then you can help by making your voice heard! The more complaints the higher chance Sony will act. Just follow these steps:

    1- Call Sony Support U.S. at (239) 768-7547 (if you are calling from outside the U.S. then call +1-239-768-7676), press 4 then 2 then 1 to be connected to the camera department.
    2- Ask to speak to "Next level support" or "highest level support". This is really important since its only this department that registers complaints that is forwarded to Sony Corporate.
    3- Tell them that you are very satisfied with the cameras' video but disappointed on the stills. Explain that the JPEG compression is too high and that you request a firmware upgrade.
    4- Make sure you get a case numbers (this is very important).

  61. I want to buy Sony HX9V.
    Unfortunately its still out of stock :(

    Any body know when it will be available again ????

  62. you are not alone in not finding HX9V anymore. Several retailer now list the HX9V as discontinued. Since the normal cycle would be presenting the new model in the beginning of February there might not be a restocking. Also I read about the Costco offer where the HX9V were sold for $249 including a 4GB card...

  63. you're all saying hx9v is the best Compact. please search a little better like canon compacts


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