Sony HX9V Super Macro

As most of you know the Sony HX5 has a non documented macro function I discovered in my tests on the HX5 blog. It is like to have a 60 mm macro lens.

praying mantis baby around 22 mm (a bit less than 1") long - shot with Sony HX5V Super Macro
resized and post processed - click for full size

Most P&S cameras have their closest macro position at full wide angle. This not only means you have to get very close to your object, but you also have all the negative lens effects from the full wide angle to deal with and if you need the flash it will mostly not illuminate the full object since part of it is covered by the lens tube.
The Sony HX9V has, as the HX5, a minimum distance from 50 mm or 2" to shoot macro.
With the Super Macro you can zoom up to 2.4 x with the HX5 and, as confirmed by a user, also the HX9V and the camera still focus sharp at the same 50 mm or 2".
That means the real closest distance is 20 mm or 0.8"

I would love to show you some HX9V samples of this function, but I need your help. If you have a HX9V and manage a nice Super Macro shot, please send me the link the comments so I can post the result here.

I had some problems to get her sharp from the front since she kept moving. I used the high speed scene mode for continuous focusing and overcompensated a bit with the sharpening in pp.


  1. Joe, i have got a Hx9v. Let me see, what i can do for you.

    A couple of questions first:

    1. Do i have to switch to P-Mode or i+ Mode, which switches indeed to Macro then?

    2. Did you decide to buy a Hx9v and revised your announcement? I would appreciate that.

  2. Hi, heres some macro video shot with the HX9V. not super macro but as close as i could get hand held ....


  3. Guess you will have to cut and paste the link into google :-/

  4. Anonymous,

    can you tell us if the HX9V has a programm to shoot "miniature effect" (Tilt Shift effect) photos automatically.



  5. Joe, no the HX9V does not have the miniature effect but the next model should have it since it has been introduced with the 5 months younger NEX-C3.

    Bernd it should work in most photo modes (I mostly use the P mode often with forced flash) see: http://hx5v.blogspot.com/2010/05/sony-hx5-macro-zoom.html for how I did the measurements and photos to give you an idea.

    As a user of the HX5 the step up to the HX9V is not that essential since I already have most functions and the HX9V is still no where to be seen here - there is also that I am looking towards to meet the A77 - but if a gold HX9V should cross my part I am not sure if I could resist if the price is right...

  6. Check out my insect pets feeding :

    Recorded with the HX5V, no effects added

  7. cool, it waggles even to the music.

  8. My first super macro shots:



  9. My first super macro shots DSC-HX9V, 2.6X, MANUAL FOCUS:



  10. My Super macro with Sony DSC-HX9V

    intelligent auto mode (macro icon apear's), 2.6x of zoom, forced flash

    this image has been edited on Phtoshop for improve illumination.

    image with original resolution (16.2 MP)



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