Sony HX9V vs HX5 sound comparison

by Manfred Jarvis
I had a Sony HX5V before I decided to upgrade to the HX9V, I thought the HX5V was superb for picture and video, but i am really surprised at how much more better the HX9V is, ok it's still only a pocket point and shoot camera so don't expect professional dslr type pics, but in my oppinion it comes damd close and has many features to play with.
As for video quality, this beats many high end dedicated camcorders which are frankly crap to use and a stills camera even if they state so.

so here you get an excellent stills camera with an excellent 1080p camcorder thown in!
As for sound quality on videos, I was always finding that my HX5 was weak and flat in that department, but the new HX9V dose an excellent job. to judge this for yourself, please take a look at my sound comparison video for the two cameras: http://vimeo.com/25054905

Sony DSC-HX5V -vs- DSC-HX9V Sound comparison from Manfred Jarvis on Vimeo.
Both cameras are placed side by side in front of the hifi with the speakers seperated to the left and right by 2.5m
The speaker balance was turned fully to the left then fully to the right, in order to test the stereo seperation of the two cameras microphones.

both cameras were recording the sond at the same time and both cameras were set to exactly the same shooting modes.

Judge for yourself, but the HX9 definately sounds much richer with more bass and crisper treble. Also there is much less noise and a brighter sharper picture on the HX9.

Thank you Manfred

To learn more about the sound quality from the Sony HX9V check out this forum post.

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