Sony HX9V - Personal Log

Well, I caved in.
Too much positive reviews from the HX20v and the picture quality seems not too bad either. So as a step up from my HX5v I get all the improvements of the HX9v plus the improvements of the HX20v.
Not to mention that I got the HX20v for 279.46 Euro plus 2.99 for shipping and no tax from Amazon.es
So I really hat to get one...
Forget all my ramblings about the lunacy of the 18MP sensor and lets explore what results we can get out of the HX20v instead.
As with my http://hx5v.blogspot.com and this http://hx9v.blogspot.com , the new address is easy to remember: http://hx20v.blogspot.com
See you there...


Sony DSC-HX20V and competition

NEW=> Sony Shop Osaka has some info about the HX30v with 4 full size pictures.
If you want to see a 120x zoom from the Sony HX200v have a look here.
Here is an interesting video from the Sony HX30V: A seagull in flight with 20x optical plus 4x digital = 80x zoom in motion.
digitalcamerainfo.com has a Sony HX10v review. (HX10v = Sony HX9v lens and HX20v sensor)
digitalversus.com published a Face-Off: Sony HX20V vs Sony HX9V, Panasonic TZ30, Canon SX230 etc.


the horrible truth about the new Sony 18MP sensor

You find here the first samples from the HX20V / HX30V and the HX200V and some comparisons to other cameras.
Updated with a HX30V ISO comparison, a HX30V vs HX200V ISO 800 overcast sample and an indoor purple fringing sample.
Sony claims the 18MP sensor it has twice the sensitivity on a pixel level what results in one sixth of the image noise of the previous model (seen here)


Sony HX10V HX20V HX30V HX200V

Sony HX30V

The 2012 Travel zoom cameras are pretty much the same thing than last year just with a bit more zoom and nothing exiting to talk about.
So the 12MP Canon SX240 will have again the best picture quality, Sony  HX20V might be in the middle field, Panasonic has already shown with the SZ20 that the image quality is below that from the HX9V.
I don´t think that Fuji has learned to make better quality lenses this year with the Fujifilm FinePix F770EXR (see the orb disaster and the way they react to it)...

I will add a comparison from the HX20V to the HX9V here but there will be no new blog since it is pretty much the same camera just for more money.


Sony HX7V / HX9V - Previews and Reviews

The limitations of standardized reviews
All the bells and whistles the HX9v has go mostly unnoticed in the reviews. Like the amazing HD panorama, the undocumented super macro function (around 2.4x), using HHT on a tripod to get better night shots, the 3 image HDR, the industry leading 1080p 50/60fps, filming and shooting together without interruption, the joystick white balance and some other nifty features.


Sony HX9V the improved video mode

You have 2MP at 50/60fps and here is how that will kind of look like
in fact it will look even better than this since these are from recompressed youtube clips, but you get an idea.
resized to 1600 to post on the blog - color and sharpness adjusted


Sony HX9V Super Macro

As most of you know the Sony HX5 has a non documented macro function I discovered in my tests on the HX5 blog. It is like to have a 60 mm macro lens.


Sony HX9V - new owners experiences

OK this is your post, tell me and the rest of the world what you like and do not like about your new Sony HX9V. Please if possible join the HX9V Flickr group and post your results there.

If you already posted something about your HX9V put a copy of it in the comments below so we have them all in one place.


Sony HX7V / HX9V analyzing the 16MP sensor pictures - Part 7

Sony HX7V / HX9V analyzing the 16MP sensor pictures - Part 6

Sony HX7V / HX9V analyzing the 16MP sensor pictures - Part 5

Sony HX7V / HX9V analyzing the 16MP sensor pictures - Part 4

Sony HX7V / HX9V analyzing the 16MP sensor pictures - Part 3

Sony HX7V / HX9V analyzing the 16MP sensor pictures - Part 2

Sony HX7V / HX9V analyzing the 16MP sensor pictures - Part 1

Sony Photo Samples - HX7V, HX9V, HX100V, TX100V, TX10, WX10, WX7 analyzed

Sony HX7V / HX9V analyzing the 16MP sensor video

moved to: Sony HX7V / HX9V video samples


Sony HX9V vs Olympus SZ-30MR


Sony HX9V vs Apple iPhone 4

Sony HX9V vs Nikon S9100


Sony HX9V vs Casio Exilim EX-ZR100

Sony HX9V vs Samsung WB700

Sony HX9V vs Sony HX7V

moved to:Sony HX9V, HX7V and HX5 compared

Sony HX9V vs Nikon Coolpix S8100

Sony HX9V vs Ricoh CX5

Sony HX9V vs Panasonic ZS10 / TZ20


Sony HX9V vs OLYMPUS SZ-10

Sony HX9V vs Canon PowerShot SX220 / SX230 HS

12MP CMOS, 14 x F3.1-5.9, 8 fps at 3MP, GPS (SX230),1920 x 1080 24 fps, 460k 16:9 3" screen, Smart Auto

Sony HX9V vs Fujifilm FinePix F550EXR

16MP, 15 X zoom, RAW mode, 8 fps for 8 shots, 3 step aperture, full 1080p at 30 fps, pre recording, GPS with back tracking to the picture location, up to 360 degree panorama