Sony HX7V / HX9V analyzing the 16MP sensor video

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  1. if it's true what the poster said, then here's a vid from a hx9 preproduction model:


    i don't know how to tell without the original file. if you download the 1080p file from youtube, the mediainfo has Maximum frame rate: 55.556 fps. it would also have been nice to not show rainy night footage. the stabilization however is great

  2. found the originating site. there seem to be also some hx9 photos of the preproduction model:


  3. awesome, thanks! do i see correctly, that the hx9v doesn't seem to have barrel distortion?

  4. Just another question:

    Panasonic (GH12) as well as Canon (EOS600) implemented a crop zoom for video mode in their firmware.
    I.e. it is possible to zoom in without loss of quality. This is an additional factor of round about 2.5 with a 16MP sensor which would add a 2.5*4=10x zoom for videos which is pretty good.
    Is this also possible with Hx9?

  5. Bernd the Sony in their P&S line does not include this function, but we have a 16x optical zoom what makes more than up for it


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