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Everything interesting around the other members of the Sony DSC X family

normally I would not post anything regarding the Sony HX7V or HX9V here in this post, but photographyblog.com did shoot with the Sony HX100V, HX9V and WX10 at the same locations, so this is a pretty good way to compare the IQ of these cameras with the same sensor.

Keep in mind they are all pre-production samples and for some reason all 3 cameras produced the worst images I have seen so far.
In my analysis I concentrate more how the images look resized to 4MP and post processed.

Sony shop Osaka has a first impression with photos from the HX100V new
Sony Cybershot DSC-TX100V DC Watch review with lots of pictures
Sony HX100V review from zol.com.cn China. A very comprehensive review, must read for all who are interested in the new X models.
Sony HX100V 41 photos
Sony TX100V 1080 60p you tube clip 1 and clip 2
Sony TX10 here a 2 samples ISO 125 and 3200
Sony WX10 15 photos
Sony WX7 review Excellent picture quality at base ISO
Sony WX7 review with full size samples

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