Sony HX9V vs Sony HX7V

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  1. there are already 1080p videos made with the hx7v on youtube. i like what i see. and seems that barrel distortion isn't that much of a problem anymore.

  2. Thanks for comparing the HX7V to the HX9V. It is worth noting that the 9 has a pop up flash..which may or may not be desirable. I think the 9 has a slightly larger aperture (3.3 vs 3.5) ...and they both can take stills while recording vids. It seems the sensor and resolution may work better with 7's smaller lens but I do not know. thoughts? The 7 is smaller and lighter on every dimension. Do we know how fast the 7 focus is? vs the 0.1 of 9. I miss the superimposed images of two cameras in comparison of size, etc.

  3. the HX7V has the same footprint as the HX5, so you can compare that. there is no top view available from Sony or anybody else so far. If there is one you will find it here also! The aperture difference is nothing in real life. It is all down how much better 1080p is and if you want the 16x. I know I want. The HX7V has the same lens and focus mechanism as the HX5.
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    there can not be a 1080p video at youtube, because the HX7V has no 1080p mode. if it is it, is a fake or wrong labeled.

  4. This site/link seems to have a partial snapshot of the top of the HX7V. It looks like it may have the recessed microphone (similar to the HX9V) for better sound in wind. I like that the mic is not on the corner (like the HX5V) as I like to use that corner to hold with my left hand. That is also one of the reasons i do not want the pop up flash on that corner.


    I not sure about the placement of the HDMI slot on the HX9V but especially the strap- right where the hand holds the grip. Will need to see/hold it in person.

  5. Another site with slight views of the top of HX7V. The mic does look recessed. Looks like the 7 has the same slot and strap location as the 9...on the grip side.


  6. yes they moved the mic holes on the HX7V to the center of the lens, but you still might cover the left one with your finger. (solutions for that see my HX5 blog).
    The HDMI port is on the HX9V at the same location as from the HX7V (I have a couple shots here on the blog)

  7. here's another site showing the top of HX7V. (compared to sony wx5)



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