Sony HX9V, Panasonic ZS10, Olympus SZ-30MR, Nikon S9100, Fuji F550EXR, Casio EX-ZR100, Canon SX230 - Compared

Ultra Versatile Pocket Mega Zoom

Imaging Resource Travel Zoom Shootout 2011
"The results of our Shootout place the Sony HX9V in first place, followed by the Panasonic ZS8, Canon SX230, Nikon S9100, Casio ZR100, and Fujifilm F550."

dpreview Compact Camera Group Test: Travel Zooms
"The Canon Powershot SX230 HS and Nikon Coolpix S9100 are run very close (and in some respects surpassed) though by the Sony Cyber-shot HX9V ... the only black marks against the HX9 are relatively slow operational speed and slightly smeary noise-reduction at medium and high ISO settings.
Our biggest concern is the rather slow operation, which is frustrating in a camera which is otherwise such a fine performer."

You hear that Sony! It is a joke that a camera what can process 16MP @10 fps and 1080 @ 60fps needs nearly 2 seconds to switch from shooting to viewing.
If you would have put the 12MP BSI sensor you sold to the 2 winners in the HX9V (a logical step from the 10MP sensor of the HX5)  and fixed the lag what was already a bother with the HX1 and HX5 you would have blown the competition away and would have been the clear winner in 2011.
I hope you will be so clever and do what Canon did with the SX220/SX230, G11/G12 and Panasonic did with the Lumix DMC-FZ47 (Lumix DMC-FZ48) - reduce the mega pixel and create a winner in the HX9V successor.

"The Sony wins by a landslide, and is our Editor's Choice"

PCWorld Top 10 Pocket Megazooms

"These powerful compact cameras offer more optical-zoom range than the average point-and-shoot. It's a dead heat between the Canon PowerShot SX230 HS, Nikon Coolpix S9100, and Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V at the top of our chart. If you crave simplicity, go for the Nikon; if you need manual controls, opt for the Canon. If you want superb video and fun modes, the Sony should be your pick."

Digital Versus has all the cameras ready to compare

and now the only question remains:
welches Schweinderl h├Ątten's denn gern?

Olympus SZ-30MR:
, 24X optical zoom lens, equivalent to 25 - 600 mm, 9 frames/sec to 5 shots, 1080p video and 16MP stills at the same time, sweep panorama, puf, 3" 460k screen

Canon SX320 HS:
12MP, 14x, 8pfs@3MP, 1080p 24fps,120fps at 640x480, GPS logger, puf, 460k 16:9 screen

Casio Exilim EX-ZR100:
12MP, 12.5x, 1080 30pfs, no GPS, 360 degree panorama, PRERECORD CS, 460k screen

Fujifilm F550 EXR:
, 15x, 8pfs, 1080p 30fps, GPS with track back , panorama, RAW, puf, 460k screen

Nikon S9100:
12MP, 18x, 5pfs, 1080p 30fps, no GPS, panorama, puf, 920k anti-reflection screen

Panasonic ZS10:
14MP, 16x, 10fps, 1080i 60fps, GPS, 460k anti-reflection touch screen
Panasonic is the only manufacturer to use a non-backlit MOS sensor (they are less effective in low light)

Sony DSC-HX7V:
, 10x, 10fps, 1080i 60fps, GPS with compass, 42MP panorama, HDR and mutli stacking now automatic, 920k anti-reflection screen

Sony DSC-HX9V:
, 16x, 0.1 sec AF, 10fps, 1080p 60fps, 2MP 60pfs, GPS with compass, 42MP panorama, puf, HDR and mutli stacking now automatic, 920k anti-reflection screen

Samsung WB750: 16MP, 18x, 1080, GPS, RAW - this was released for the WB700 but then changed

The Pentax Optio RZ-18 with 3″ swivel LCD, 14MP sensor, 18X optical zoom (28-504mm) was rumored to show up at the CP+ but nothing to see so far, it seems that the new date will be around June 2011.
Pentax Optio RZ-18
drawing courtesy of photorumors.com

No full HD and no GPS

Olympus SZ-10: 14MP, 18x, 720p 30fps mono, no GPS, panorama, puf, 460k screen

Samsung WB700
16MP, 18x, 720p 30fps stereo, no GPS, 460k screen

Ricoh CX5:
10MP, 10.7x, 0.2 sec hybrid AF system, 5 fps, no GPS, 720p AVI mono no optical zoom, 920k anti-reflection screen

puf=pop up flash

So the highlights for 2011 in travel zooms are:
14-18x zoom
full HD in stereo
high speed shooting like the fastest DSLR
high res display min 460k with anti-reflection coating
panorama mode
multi shot modes
pop up flash
help menu


  1. How do you compare the HX9V with Sony's WX10 which has brighter lens, except for the long zoom? Thanks.

  2. no 1080p 60fps, no gps, no 42mp panorama, no 16x zoom, no 3", no 920k screen, no active mode stabilisation etc
    the wx10 is positioned between the h70 and the hx7v

  3. Joe -

    I believe the WX10 does have the HD 42mp panorama feature. Could you check?

  4. Sony thinks you are correct. http://www.sony.co.uk/product/dsc-w-series/dsc-wx10#pageType=Overview

  5. Are there any non-Sony-cameras that support multi stacking for things like hand held twilight or hdr recording of images?

  6. hmmmmm Rauchbier.

    Panasonic tries and a few others do some halfhearted attempt. In general every CMOS camera is capable of it as are they of high speed video. Sony does not implement that so far in the X series since it is only possible in low res modes.

  7. I'm wondering why Olympus didn't throw in GPS on it's flagship SZ-30MR model as well. They have the highest spec offering (and most expensive) so they might as well add that in for the few extra dollars it would add. It looks like that camera will be in the $450 range so they might as well add every bell and whistle they can think of to justify the cost point.


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