Sony HX7V / HX9V video samples

With the selection below I tried to cover most shooting situations you might encounter. If you want to see more, check YouTube and Vimeo for the newest clips. Vimeo has a 1080p 50/60 fps group where you also find some Sony HX9V original clips to download (you have to be registered). There is now also a HX9V group on Vimeo
Sony HX9V Race Day

have a look how well the focus tracking works.

Wide Angle Conversion Lens Adaptor/holder for the Sony HX9V

Following on from the success of the adaptor with the panasonic lumix TZ7 and TZ20 cameras I wanted to build a similar adaptor for the HX9v. Its dimensions were almost the same as for the lumix models, the only difference is 2 lugs on the sony lens flange which meant milling out corresponding notches in the adaptor flange. At the end of the video i have included some aspect from "the making of" this adaptor showing some of the build of this design. The includes 24 mm still image followed by the 24mm vide clip shows the amount of wide angle lost when in video mode due to sensor crop and the conversion to 1080. You will notice also a colour shift plus some contrast change. The 0.45x lens does vignette slightly but if you use a "wide screen" letterbox format this would be masked out. There is a slight amount of edge distortion. The 0.8 lens has no such problems and gives back the 24 mm plus a little more.

Wide Angle Conversion Lens Tests on the Sony HX9V

"A few test video clips and stills using my adaptor to hold in place wide angle conversion lenses on the Sony HX9V. The Konica Minolta 0.8X gives almost perfect results, just minor out of focus image at the corners. The Sony only has 2 apertures, around f3.3 and f9. There seems to be more distortion when the f3.3 aperture is selected. The Neweer 0.45 lens shows vignetting and more chromatic aberration especially at the extreme edges. As with all wide angle lenses any tilt on the camera will exaggerate converging verticals on buildings, for example."

"Have this little cam now since 10 days and spent a very nice time in Provence. The overall performance is very good. Especially i liked the combination of high quality video and decent picture quality. I came from a HX5V and like the new toy a lot more. My Canon 7D stayed in my bag all the vacations. I found no need, to use it.
Best regards from Germany, Daniel" forum post

Provence 2011 from Daniel Denzi on Vimeo.

Summer in Germany - Sony HX9V Test on Suzuki Burgman

Here are several Sony HX9V  Ke$ha clips in 1080 LIVE from Budapest and some Sony HX9V Herbert Grönemeyer clips in 1080 LIVE from Frankfurt

the next 3 videos are pros having fun with the HX9V

"LOVE". A Sony HX9V test from Johnnie Behiri on Vimeo.
Finally Got the Sony HX9V. Wanted to put my hands on this camera since it was out and test if this modestly priced tool can be a legitimate alternative for serving as a "B" camera In case of a need especially when on assignment away form home.

On paper the little Sony though being (almost) fully automated while in video mode captured my eyes because of its high resolution (1080), progressive frame rate (50p for PAL countries and 60p for NTSC), and I won't deny, the price was right.

Jeen shot a beautiful short piece demonstrating the power of this camera in professorial hands. (http://www.dslrnewsshooter.com/2011/06/15/little-sony-hx9v-compact-punches-above-its-weight-test-video-by-documentary-shooter-jeen-de-vos/)
His demo was shot from a tripod and proved that in certain conditions this camera can deliver surprising results.
My aim was to test the following: Hand held shooting, the optical stabilizer, the "follow focus" function and "how nice the slow motion is".

First I had to find a solution to "how to view the LCD during day light". It was almost an instinct to take the Zacuto Z-finder and see if it fits the little Sony. So it does, sort of....the VF will seat a bit higher then the camera and a 1mm away from the screen. It was fine for that test.
I could now have a better camera stability by holding the VF against my eye while griping the camera and shoot.

Luckily, Today in Vienna it was the "Rainbow parade". It gave me the opportunity to check all I wanted.
Unfortunately the day was very gray and the parade started late afternoon so it became darker earlier. The consequence was that this automatic camera boosted the ISO/noise, affecting the overall picture quality. Later it started to rain...that was the time to end the test since the camera is not weather/dust protected.

So how is it to film with this little camera?. It is a mixture of fun and frustration...Fun because it is so small and together with the Z finder it is almost like the "ultimate run&gun" ENG style camera (sure I am exaggerating but look at the footage and see those amazing smooth steady shots). Also the zoom lens works like a treat. Frustrating because there is "no control on anything" but the "exposer starting point". The possibility is to assign the "custom button" on top of the camera to adjust the image brightness (+) or darkness (-). If only there was a way to lock exposure and lock focus this camera would have been a real jewel but I hear you saying, what do you expect from.....

So here we go. A 6:30 minutes long rainbow parade made with the little Sony. Some of the scenes are a bit longer then I would normally edit. The reason is to show how focusing holds.

Footage (1080/50p) was converted with "Cineform" and dropped into Adobe Premiere CS2 1080/25p timeline for "slow motion" editing. No color correction was done so you are able to see what came out of the camera.

Photo on the right taken by Nino Leitner

Across the green lake (Sony HX9 test) from Jeen de Vos Producties on Vimeo.
Another short film to test the Sony HX9v compact camera.
This time I wanted to test some overexposure and underexposure capabilities. And how it works handheld. The film ended up a bit dramatic and gloomy...

Filmed with Sony HX9v
Edited on Adobe Premiere CS5
1080p 50 frames (50% slowed down in post)
No color correction

Music: "Queen of the wind" by Roger Subirana

The Harbour (Sony HX9 test) from Jeen de Vos Producties on Vimeo.
Short film to test the Sony HX9v.
A compact camera that fits in your pocket and produces an amazing 1080p 50 frs.
No colour correction in post. Just removed some sharpness en reduced the contrast a bit.

Thanks Jeen for the link

Sony HX9V goes concert: Kylie Minogue - Aphrodite Les Folies

Words from a non Sony blog: "Sony HX9V – Oh my … the video is astounding …"

Robert Plant & The Band of Joy - Ramble On - Portland, OR - Sony HX9V from ML71 on Vimeo

Robert Plant from ML71 on Vimeo.
Medley includes portions of: In the Mood, Houses of the Holy, Ramble On, and Harm's Swift Way.
and here is the discussion about the clips

Live @ Kink Earth Day Concert at Aladdin Theater Portland, OR - Shot with Sony Cybershot HX9V

Sony HX9V - Yoyogi 04/16

Yoyogi 04/16 from ausfj on Vimeo.

Hirsti and his HX9V go skiing and paragliding

HX9V Tokyo Sky Tree in the clouds

Something the HX9V can not do

SONY DSC-HX9V Zoom mode 60p

You are in for a treat to start the Monday
Go on top of the highest building in the world.

Burj Khalifa sky elevator to AT THE TOP [1080/60p recording by DSC-HX9V]

Burj Khalifa view of AT THE TOP [1080/60p recording by DSC-HX9V]

The Dubai Fountain view from AT THE TOP Burj Khalifa [1080/60p recording by DSC-HX9V]

The Dubai Fountain view at the front of Dubai Mall [1080/60p recording by DSC-HX9V]

Dubai Aquarium at Dubai Mall [1080/60p recording by DSC-HX9V]

not the HX9V but since we are already there:
Ski Dubai at Mall of The Emirates top2base [720p recording by DSC-WX1]

now let´s leave Dubai for some beautiful flowers in Japan

Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V Cherry blossoms at night and Matsumoto Zyou

Sony HX9V night focus and zoom test

Sony HX9V in graffiti alley
a walk through dark graffiti alley lit by one streetlight, HD 1080 60i, in-cam active stabilization

this video is part of a test group for the new youtube stabilisation feature

Sony HX9V Spring in Japan

Sony HX9V video comparison against the Panasonic HS300 3 sensor mos camcorder
Hirsti brings another video to show the capabilities of the HX9V.

"The game started with floodlights on and low light, majority of footage was shot at night with floodlights on. Both camera and camcorder were on a monopole. Beginning of video show the HX9V, the end of the footage is the Panasonic HS300. HX9v was shot in 50p, HS300 was shot in 50i. All footage has been put into Sony vegas, no adjustments just re-rendered to 1920x1080 50i avchd (Sorry vegas will not render to 50p)"

Sony HX9V plane landing - and here you hear why the windfilter I made for my HX5 will be installed on my HX9V too.

Sony HX9V - JB4020 Geiger counter shot from China

Sony DSC-HX9V 50p low light football

compared to: Sony DSC-HX9V 50p football shot at night under floodlights

and how about taking the kids to the zoo? on Hawaii - in 7 parts
Sony HX9V Hawaii 04/04/2011 Honolulu Zoo Part 1

The Red Chevy: MD Photographer Sony HX9V & YouTube Stabilizer test

sending a picture from the Sony HX9V to the Galaxy S via Eye-Fi

Sony HX9V Cherry Blossom in Hamamatsu Castle Park (nicely edited)

Sony HX9V driving through Tokyo International Airport

Sony HX9V St.Martin Maho Bay Beach

Sony HX9V dog

Sony HX9V on the bicycle

Sony HX9V tree

Sony Hx9v original MTS sample 1920x1080p 60fps

Sony DSC HX7V Zeit in Ihrer schönsten Form

Sony DSC-HX9V wind noise reduction Audio Test OFF

Sony DSC-HX9V wind noise reduction Audio Test ON

Sony DSC-HX9V Valley Railway

Sony DSC-HX9V Valley Railway

Sony DSC-HX9V Valley Railway

Sony DSC HX7V The Five Sisters-Band

SONY DSC-HX9V Okayama Pref Yagiyama

SONY DSC-HX9V in car sound check

Sorry, no subwwoofer in car. Nor do I have anything with a loud bass. The sound is picked up pretty well by the camera and replay sounds good as well

SONY DSC-HX9V low light focus and zoom check

SONY DSC-HX9V Yokogawa Hiroshi river cruise

SONY DSC-HX9V Hamamatsu Fruit Park


SONY DSC-HX9V Movie Test in the night situation

SONY DSC-HX9V Movie Test in the night situation (pool side)

Sony Handycam HDR-CX7 Camcorder Movie Test in the night situation (for DSC-HX9V comparison)

sony hx9v 50p

SONY DSC-HX9V shot from a motorcycle

Let´s go back to the Bangkok Motor Show for a bit of eye candy - and you know what would have been awesome? These cute girls doing the Candyman

SONY DSC-HX9V Movie Test in 32nd Bangkok Motor Show 2011 (MITSUBISHI Booth)

HX9V original size crop from a 1920x1080 frame

SONY DSC-HX9V Movie Test in 32nd Bangkok Motor Show 2011 (16x optical zoom)

SONY DSC-HX9V Movie Test in 32nd Bangkok Motor Show 2011 (SUZUKI Booth)

Sony HX7V 2 polar bear cubs

SONY DSC-HX9V Shizuoka Hobby Fair

Sony HX9V snow drive

Let me take you on this nice Sunday to the 32nd Bangkok Motor Show
SONY DSC-HX9V Movie Test in 32nd Bangkok Motor Show 2011 (YAMAHA Booth)
Ahhh chicks and nachos - you bring the nachos

SONY DSC-HX9V Movie Test in 32nd Bangkok Motor Show 2011 (checking Active Mode)

SONY DSC-HX9V Movie FT-86 Concept in 2011 32nd Bangkok Motor Show

(1080/60p) SONY DSC-HX9V Movie Test in 32nd Bangkok Motor Show 2011

(1080/60i) SONY DSC-HX9V Movie Test in 32nd Bangkok Motor Show 2011

Sony HX9V - Behold! The Moon - shaken not stirred - from 64x digital zoom over 16 x to 1 x

Sony HX9V original size video crop (click for full size)

Just to show what is possible with the newest digital video zoom
Canon EOS 600D shot with a 300mm lens and added 10 x digital zoom makes with the 1.5 crop factor a 4500mm equivalent. (... and I only downloaded the 720p version)

there was more here and now it is gone ???


  1. where did you get the original 170mb file from? i really would like to see a 1080/60p file. also, thanks for the sumo warning, but wasn't clearly enough warning ...

  2. if you view the video a copy of it normally stays in your browser cash.
    I use Opera and it is easy to locate and then safe to disk. There are also several youtube downloaders where you just copy the address and it does the rest like http://youtubedownload.altervista.org/

    And to our SUMO man, well I found it funny. Reminded me of a guy who had a reflective metal jug for sale on ebay and forgot to check his work. - He was visible naked...

  3. thank you, i know that. normally i use firefox and downloadhelper. just click the 1080p file and download it. however, those files on youtube aren't the original files, those are files that youtube converted to mp4. i really hope someone uploads an original 60fps file to rapidshare or sendspace or the likes :)

  4. if it's of any help for you, here's a japanese manual of the hx9v: http://www.sony.jp/ServiceArea/impdf/pdf/42755820M-JP.pdf

  5. and here's the same as google translated website:


  6. your best bet for an original will be VIMEO.com
    They keep the original and if you register you can download it...

    Thank you lofi007, was wondering when they might put it up. will have a look at it

  7. Thank you! I would like to see here the original clips with hx9v (*. mts)

  8. ray, me and all the other visitors second that motion. look out on vimeo for hx9v clips, they allow to dl the mts files

  9. Can I block the focus during video registration?
    Sorry for my english, but I am writing from Italy.

  10. Hi Joe, you are unrestless. I have just one question about video feature in this camera: How much time can we record in one shot? I had a TZ5 and she hardly let me take 8 minutes each time I Push de buttom. OK, Thanks anyone who knows the answer

  11. not sure Riccardo, the HX1 can use manual focus in video mode, so the HX9V should be able too.

  12. cavaradossi you can record 30 min

  13. The video quality is amazing. I'm testing now the Canon SX220 and the sony HX7V is much better in every way.

    Check out my channel. There you can find 4 more clips of HX7V.


    I'm waiting for they start selling the HX9V in my country. Does anyone know why there is not stock anywhere, and why Sony is delayed delivering the cam?

  14. Gato the recent events in Japan disrupted so many things, so all time tables are no longer valid and thanks for the link

  15. Thnx. I hope to have the HX9V in my hands soon.

  16. Gato when you are finished your HX7V vs SX220 testing could you write a bit about your impressions, so w all can read it here?

  17. Before I forgot to put the youtube channel link of the guy who uploaded the MTS.


    I'm no expert in photography or technology, only Someone searching for a good and easy to handle camera to bring good souvenirs of my travels. What interests me most about the whole video is full HD, so for me it can be good the three models of Sony (HX5V, HX7V and HX9V), but now I watch videos of the HX9V and 50 fps progressive, and I have been impressed and I think I will buy finally.

  18. My view is that basically the video of all 3 cameras before named, has no comparison with any of the compact is now in the market.

    In terms of picture, as I said before I am no expert and my tests might not have been sufficient. I must say I found the difference in this regard has been minimal, but I think the Canon SX220 has higher definition and less grain, especially in low light. Moreover it has less stability when using the zoom. I can upload some pics later for yourselves compare.

  19. Hello Joe,
    do you know when Sony DSC-HX9V is available, perhaps in Europe, espacially in Germany?
    Many thanks for your excellent blog!!!

  20. My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

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  21. Now you can find Sony DSC-HX9V all around Europe but you are limited with 25fps if you record lower then 1080P/I. It will be better to have the american version of this camera. Anyway is rely a nice compact tool :). Thank you for posting this.

  22. Still loving the hx9v. My old sony cx305v has not been used since I purchased the hx9v.

    Here is a hx9v video of an underwater submarine ride at Londons Legoland.The ride starts about a third into the video after the preboarding intro.


  23. Hi, I'm just about to buy the HX9V.
    Does anybody know if the AVCHD clips can be split in-camera. Muxing/demuxing of AVCHD 1080-60p in post-processing is difficult, especially when travelling with less powerful netbook.

  24. Here is a video I made using the Sony HX9V at a UK Theme Park.Features some onride footage.


  25. Now you can find Sony DSC-HX9V throughout Europe, but is limited to 25 fps if you register below, and 1080 / I. You better have the U.S. version of this device. In any case, as a good tool covenant). Thanks for posting this.


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