Sony HX9V the improved video mode

You have 2MP at 50/60fps and here is how that will kind of look like
in fact it will look even better than this since these are from recompressed youtube clips, but you get an idea.
resized to 1600 to post on the blog - color and sharpness adjusted

Just a couple frames advanced you get a different facial expression. You see the huge advantage here, you never miss the right moment, because you can just pick the perfect one out of a stream from 50/60 fps
resized to 1600 to post on the blog - sharpness adjusted
How about some food?
No, not nachos!
cropped to 1600 to post on the blog - sharpness adjusted

cropped to 1600 to post on the blog - sharpness adjusted

Focus Tracking - focus where you want it

Sony HX9V - DOF Rack Focus/Tracking Focus workflow from ADAM MADA on Vimeo.
DOF etc. with focus tracking - Focus moves from front to back . . .
manual Focus workflow HX9V

computer translation

Beautiful photos and videos, too.
Close to the camcorder and full HD quality "Handycam" developed by introducing video technology.
Achieved the same full HD camcorder movie. In addition, HX9V the "60p" also supports high definition recording, the quality has improved significantly in dark scenes.

So we have now most of the goodies regarding video modes and resolution from the Sony Handycam inside the HX9V.

"Handycam" terrestrial digital broadcasting and the same quality, full HD (1920 × 1080/60p) image quality. In addition, the highly compressed AVCHD by scheme, the frame rate (number of frames) and bit rate (by volume) is greatly improved, you can shoot high-quality video much smoother than for a long time.

1920 × 1080/60p video capture "PS" mode

with Full HD progressive format (1920 × 1080/60p) provides video recording. Conventional interlaced (60i), unlike a video frame is 1920 × 1 frame can be recorded in 1080, you can leave on a high-definition video and smooth quick movement of athletes and animals.

For all who are in doubt what 60p wold be good for just 2 words: fluid movements

Significantly improve the quality of dark scenes.

The noise from the information to determine the reference frame, greatly improves image quality in low light while shooting video. In a dark room prone to noisy and can shoot clear video.

This I have to see, if it is really an improvement from the Sony HX5
update: I saw, and yes it is!

Pattern Recognition 44 automatic scene

Will automatically adjust the settings according to the scene, "Random Scene Recognition" can also shoot video. The movie is a total of 44 combinations of patterns, automatically adjust the settings to match the scene closely. Difficult to leave a beautiful picture, such as spotlights or backlit scenes.

I had never a problem with the video the HX5V was shooting, so if there is now an improvement I need to do a side by side test.

Safe while walking to the movie also Burezu
10 times shake during movie recording (*) to compensate for further advances in active mode. Also compensates for camera shake in the direction of rotation can be suppressed to film viewing shake shaky shooting hand in the way and trotted pieces.
As I confirmed several times, the active mode is fantastic.

Also subject is moving, tightly focusing
Continue focusing on the subject aimed at the "focus track" for the movie as well. In a moving subject, you can shoot well in focus.

and now with focus tracking while moving the camera, nice!

Even when shooting movies, Satoru Akira 16X zoom is available
Approached the subject in a large zoom 16x optical HD video you shoot of power. The firm also reduces camera shake when you zoom anxious.
nothing new here but the already known zoom while recording, what might be more interesting is the faster focus while zooming thanks to the new super fast focus.

To reduce wind, clear sound recording
Pick a wind noise reduction feature from the Settings menu can be infiltrated by all means would reduce the wind while shooting video.
and here as promised the digital wind filter

A picture can be recorded during movie recording
If you press the shutter button during the movie but can also shoot photos at the same time. The moment I come to leave a photo in the movie, never miss a moment.
also confirmed, no interruption in the video stream while capturing a 3MP shot

Cut in from the videos you have taken beautiful photographs
Video playback, you can still choose to record the decisive moment. 1920 × 1080/60p video capture "PS" mode, then one frame of a video frame is 1920 ×, so that is recorded in full HD 1080 still pictures in a high-quality cut scenes like As can leave.

also confirmed, the Sony DSC-HX9V has now a nearly unlimited 2MP 50-60/fps  mode
Too easy video viewing high-definition televisions. Equipped with mini-HDMI jack
HDMI output, so you can enjoy watching more easily in high-definition TV pictures. HDMI cable (sold separately), a book, simply connect the camera and high definition TV, full HD movie (*) can play. Of course, the photographs also enjoy high-definition televisions.
and here is the mini-HDMI jack


  1. Very interesting product, thanks for your job.

  2. Hi, I love this blog!

    I have a question. On many websites, including the Sony official, I've read that HX9V recorded at 1920x1080/60i(GFS: 17Mbps, FSH: 17Mbps / AVCHD), but sensor output is 60p. Could you explain what that means exactly?


  3. Gato the Sonys have many diofferent video formats. Some of the new ones like the HX9V, HX100V and TX100V can recorde in 1080p 50/60 fps and are leading in technology.

  4. Ok. It's strange because in their web, in the HX9V specifications, just appears the 1080i (interlaced mode). Thanks for the info.

  5. The Focus Tracking video shows front => back but it doesn't show how to do back => front?
    Or is it just played backwards?...


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