Sony DSC-HX20V and competition

NEW=> Sony Shop Osaka has some info about the HX30v with 4 full size pictures.
If you want to see a 120x zoom from the Sony HX200v have a look here.
Here is an interesting video from the Sony HX30V: A seagull in flight with 20x optical plus 4x digital = 80x zoom in motion.
digitalcamerainfo.com has a Sony HX10v review. (HX10v = Sony HX9v lens and HX20v sensor)
digitalversus.com published a Face-Off: Sony HX20V vs Sony HX9V, Panasonic TZ30, Canon SX230 etc.

It is as I predicted a few weeks ago, the image quality from the 18MP Sony HX20v and the 15MP Panasonic SZ20 is quite bad while the 12MP Canon SX260 and the 13MP Panasonic SZ15 is quite acceptable, but judge for yourself.
The images below are from chip.de

Sony HX20v original here and more horror here
Sony´s slogan make.believe was never more true

Canon SX220 original here
you can get it now for half the price of a Sony HX20v
Canon SX260 original here

Panasonic ZS15 original here
Panasonic ZS20 original here

Just for fun an ISO 800 from the Sony HX20v and the half price Canon SX220

Canon SX220 ISO 800

Sony HX20v ISO 800

The Sony DSC-HX20V / HX30V has the new 18MP CMOS sensor, most of the features what the HX9V had plus a improved dual shot with 13MP pictures during video shooting. The 1080p60 and GPS are there as will be the 3D "goodies". Some more in camera post processing options will grace the new model.
The zoom is now  20 x (25 to 500 mm).
It looks like the price will be even higher than with the HX9V around 400 Euro/$, but then you will have the total useless ISO 12800 mode and 18MP written on the camera case to impress your friends...
The HX30V what has an additional WIFI function and cost 20 bucks more, That is 420 Euro what is $565 American - tax included and of the lower spec HX model the HX10V what will recycle the HX9V 16x lens.
The HX100V will be replaced with with the HX200V with the same retarded 18MP sensor and all the other HX20V goodies.

"Sony's big Wi-Fi camera play is both half-hearted and half-baked"
here is some more on the WIFI operation.

This is a way it should work: You set up a connection once what will be remembered and on a push of the (custom) button all the images you snap will be send. In playback mode on a push of the (custom) button one short press sends the image on screen or one long press and all the images will be send.

Panasonic joins the 20x club with the ZS20 (different names apply for different countries but NOT on Marklar)
the first Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS20 review is out and here is a 100% crop at full zoom and ISO 200

and if you check the second review from digital camera info and compare the ISO 200 shots with the Sony HX9V you will see that the HX9V resolves the fine print better and brings out more details in the figures face.

Canon joins the 20x club with the SX240 / SX260
With keeping the 12MP sensor the Canon SX240 / SX260 will have the best resolution pictures as in 2011 from all the new 2012 models (15 to 18 MP), sadly the movie mode is still at 24fps and they went back to a 4:3 screen what makes it a miss for me in my search for a Sony HX5 replacement.

Fuji joins the 20x club with the F770
Fujifilm F770EXR ISO 400 more full size originals here

Samsung joins the 20x club with the 21x WB850F

Nikon keeps the 18x from last year with the S9300

Olympus keeps their horrible 24x lens and 16MP sensor (see my SZ-30MR review) with the SZ-31MR

If you think the the zoom and MP wars is the wrong direction, here might be an interesting alternative:

The Canon PowerShot ELPH 530 HS (IXUS 510 HS)

just 20 mm thick, 10MP CMOS, 12x zoom, 16:9 touch screen and WIFI


  1. Any release date?

  2. Nice improvements on a nearly perfect walking around camera... Personally though, I wish Sony wouldnt have increased the MP since very few need 18MP and we all know this generally leads to increased noise. Even though the new BIONZ compensates for this, I suspect high ISO IQ would have been off the charts amazing if left at 16 MP or even if dropped down to 14MP! Nonetheless, I can't wait and will, be first online to buy!

  3. Now I am torn between the new Sony HX20V and the Canon 530 HS. I am in love with the look of the 530 HS. It looks like my old ELPH S200 that I bought back in 2002. The S200 had great image quality at the time and it was small. The 530 HS is a little gorgeous camera. But the HX20V will have 20x which I like also.

    I will probably end up with the HX20V because the 530 HS only has 190 shot life.

  4. Does anyone have an estimated delivery of the HX20V?

  5. Hope they have a release date soon!

  6. Any realease date yet?

    I was going to get the HX9V but tempted by HX20V and its also got the miniature / tiltshift move

  7. http://www.lenstip.com/1978-news-Sony_DSC-HX20V_-_sample_images.html

  8. Love the honest no-holds-barred info on your site. Wanted to correct your part about the Face-Off, though: It appears to be the HX10V, not the HX9V in the face-off.

  9. Darren, I just clicked the add button and included the HX9v

  10. Is that Almodovar in the photo in the middle? looks like him.

  11. http://pliki.optyczne.pl/hx20/hx15.jpg

    Look at the man!

  12. Honestly, I think the sony hx20v is the best of the lot. It's multiple exposure compensation for low noise control, 930000 dot oled screen & simplicity is a no brainer. Don't pixel peep, print a photo & compare the quality... it's spot on for a point n' shoot. Price is higher, but bargin & they will drop the price. Internet is a great tool for baseline prices. Enjoy!


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