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The limitations of standardized reviews
All the bells and whistles the HX9v has go mostly unnoticed in the reviews. Like the amazing HD panorama, the undocumented super macro function (around 2.4x), using HHT on a tripod to get better night shots, the 3 image HDR, the industry leading 1080p 50/60fps, filming and shooting together without interruption, the joystick white balance and some other nifty features.

Camera Labs has a HX9V review
"Looking at the Cyber-shot HX9V in its own right, it's a hugely capable compact that improves on earlier Cyber-shot pocket super-zooms in virtually every area with a much bigger zoom, higher resolution sensor, higher resolution video, higher resolution screen, better composite modes, better panoramic modes and, to top it off, excellent image quality"

Endless Gadget has a HX9V review collection

imaging-resource has a HX9V review
"It delivered good-quality stills at sensitivities up to ISO 800 and exhibited impressive autofocus and tracking for a non-DSLR. Ironically, however, it's the camera's seemingly more gimmicky features that ultimately prove its worth. The panorama mode, burst & stitch features, and instant HDR composites come through on their ambitions and produce stylized snapshots worthy of consideration among enthusiasts...and tower over typical high-performance point-and-shoots, making it a Dave's Pick."

Macworld has a HX9V review
" It's a superb still camera for shooting video, and it's one of the best pocket megazooms of 2011."

Trusted review has a HX9V review
"The HX9V is an outstanding travel compact, albeit one with a somewhat premium price tag. It’s easy to use, feels great in the hand and delivers fantastic image quality ...there is very little to moan about and plenty to like. Sony’s Sweep Panorama technology is the best there is for in-camera ultra wideangle imaging, while the HX9V’s HD movie capabilities are also class leading."

Chip Germany has a HX9V review translated
best in it´s class

cnet has a HX9V review
"The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V is overflowing with shooting features, and has excellent photo and video quality and solid shooting performance."

Photographyblog has a nice review with many pictures in original size and quality.
"The Sony CyberShot DSC-HX9V is the best travel-zoom camera that we've reviewed to date (June 15), taking on and beating the market-leading Panasonic DMC-TZ20. The HX9V offers a compelling mix of advanced features, excellent still image quality, and a class-leading video mode, all at a price that is competitive with its main rivals."

PC Advisor has a HX9V review
"You'd be hard-pressed to find a camera that offers more features than the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V."

PCWorld has a HX9V review
"The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V holds a lot of appeal for photographers who won't mind a camera that does things differently from the norm. If you're willing to trade away RAW shooting, aperture-priority mode, and shutter-priority mode for a range of innovative in-camera modes that cover everything from low-light shooting to 3D panoramic images, the HX9V is a top-notch option. It's a superb still camera for shooting video, and it's one of the best pocket megazooms of 2011."

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V review from ePHOTOzine with samples and a 43MP panorama in original size.

cnet review

Amazon.com customers opinion
Amazon.co.uk customers opinion
Amazon.de customers opinion

DC Watch has a second Sony HX9V review on-line with some more samples, like this one.
Sony HX9V 16x - image post processed - click for original size crop
...and with this sample you can see where the tiny sensor bites you in the butt. While concentrating to bring out the shadow area around the eye and enhance the feathers a bit with sharpening I did not look at the breast shadow area what looks now much worse than the original.
Sony HX9V vs Panasonic ZS10 / TZ20 vs Canon SX230
The DCRP review what compares our 3 P&S contestants is on-line
"The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V is all about bells & whistles and solid performance."

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V pre-production review with many fullsize samples from quesabesde.com, Spain
"the HX9V is a camera that will really enjoy those who have clearly not meant for purists quality review each shot with a magnifying glass." - Iker, I could not have phrased it better.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V review from Sony Shop in Osaka, Japan
"In that sense, HX9V also say it is one of those recommended to everyone."

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V review from DC Watch, Japan with an  original 1,080p 60fps, two 1,080i 60fps clips and a lot of original size photos
use original site for easy photo download

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX7V user review on mytechbase.de

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX7V hands-on from Pocket-lint, go to the mini preview

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V hands-on from Pocket-lint, go to the mini preview

Sony HX9V simple review from ITmedia, Japan.
If you can not see the samples in the translated version, open another window with the original version.

Sony HX9V mini review from Shikoku, Japan

finally lesnumeriques and digitalversus have the Sony HX9V review ready. "The Sony Cyber-shot HX9V is a decidedly top-of-the-range camera. It's nice to use, user-friendly, reliable and has a selection of manual settings for users who don't want to rely on auto modes. The quality of the lens is a cut above most competitors and advanced image processing gives shots that are ready to use with no post-editing required."

ePrice, Hong Kong has a info about the Sony HX9V with some blurry ISO 800 full size photoshop??? samples from the CP+ and we see that the HX9V has not the nice hinged HDMI port door the HX7V has.

imaging-resource.com has the Sony HX7V ISO and resolution photos on-line. You can compare with all other cameras in their database.

A pre-production Sony HX7V review from Nagoya, Japan.
The reviewer had a HX5 for several months and finds that the sound quality has noticeable improved from the HX5. Also the video barrel distortion is gone.
brightness settings (5 steps) and on screen info are now 2 separate menus
no problem with the scroll wheel was reported.
You find lots or full size samples and also 4 original quality videos to download.

lesnumeriques has the Sony HX9V and you can compare some results with the HX7V, HX5 and lots ot other cameras.

Sony HX7V mini review from lesnumeriques and now translated from digitalversus.com
screen is a big improvement but not perfect with the colors
confirms that video and sound quality are identical to the Sony HX5V
a different noise handling, more contrast and sharpness improves visual image quality
effective auto+ mode

Sony HX7V review from sonyshop-satouchi.blog.so-net.ne.jp Osaka Japan.
with full size photos to check out the quality from the 16MP sensor

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V  preview from digitalcamerainfo
who absolutely hate the scroll wheel 
(what I can relate to, I disliked the one on the Canon SX10 when I tested her so much that it was a no buy for me and I choose the HX1 instead)


  1. the wheel problem is very disappointing. i totally got used to the touch screen of my T900. they should have used one.

  2. from a 5 min visit at a convention booth there can never be more than a first impression, I will keep a close watch what others have to say about that. BUT since the Sony WX9, WX10, HX7V, HX100V and more also have the scroll wheel I doubt that Sony has doomed several of their new models with a faulty wheel.

  3. Great site Joe! Did you compare the HX9V to the HX7V?? I'm actually not convinced that the 7 isn't a contender for a great upgrade to the 5. It gets down to personal preference...but I'm liking the slimmer smaller simple body of the 7 over the bigger zoom and better video of the 9. I also like the streamline flush flash of the 7 over the pop up intrusion of the 9. And isn't the same size sensor better with the smaller lens of the 7? The two cameras actually seem very similar except for differences in these preferences. I guess we'll know more when the reviews come out. Thanks again for an informative site (how bout a 7 to 9 comparison...).

  4. correction: the HX100V has no d-pad scrollwheel.
    and there you go with the HX7V comparison

  5. Do you know if the Hx9v has 2.4x super macro?

  6. no, I don´t know yet, but I hope since it was a feature I loved at my HX5

  7. We have confirmed that the HX9V has the "2.4x super micro" capability.

  8. Is it 2.4x for the super micro or 2.6x? I remember reading another blog saying 2.6x?

  9. Ryan I changed to the value I tested with the HX5 since I do not have exact values for the HX9V so far.

  10. Hi,

    Thanks to the information on this web site, I purchased online a SONY HX9V. I found that the lens barrel of the camera can be moved or shaken relative to the camera body. Is this normal? I worry that this camera may be defective. Thanks in advance for any advice...


  11. Evelyn,

    I'm not sure if this is normal or not but I have noticed mine does the same thing.


  12. Joe,

    Thank you for your reply. I'm not sure if this is the correct place to ask this but don't know where else is.

    I noticed when taking portraits or pictures of a group of friends some of the faces/heads look a bit skewed. From research I now understand this is a result of the wide angle lens.

    To get a more realistic portrait am I right in saying you can zoom in a certain distance making the lens "act" like a normal 35mm non-wide angle lens?

    I held the HX9V next to a standard 35mm Canon and found at around 1.4x zoom the same amount of "stuff" is in the frame.

    Therefore, in my theory at 1.4x zoom you will no longer see the skewing of peoples faces?

    Thank you again,

  13. Evelyn the lens barrel movement is nothing to worry about.

    Ryan it is a problem of most superzooms with an extreme wide angle that the outsides are deformed that is the reason why Canon still is at 28mm and not at 24. If you can go to 2x and you should be fine. The best way to find the sweet spot is to take a series of pictures from the same object with 0.2x steps difference (move backward so you have the same frame every time). If you find it out, please share.

  14. Here is a nice link to samples of the HX9V with different settings.


    I have done the pics and have to say that I got the cam for 265 EUR from amazon (warehouse deal).

    Great cam. I can only say great cam.


  15. Hi all,

    just got my HX9V and am quite please with the video recording and photo shot..
    but jus like to find out if anyone experience some jerkiness when zooming in & out?

  16. My Sony HX9V review posted: http://vimeo.com/27479517

    Thanks for watching!


  17. Sony HX9V Firework setting


  18. Travel Zoom Shootout 2011: Conclusion

    HX9V the Best!



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