little Sony HX9V vs the big boys: Canon SX30, Fuji HS10 / HS20, Sony HX1 / HX100V, Panasonic FZ100

Is the more than double zoom and the hinged display worth loosing the pocketability?

All the camera comparisons are in now.
The best 20x and above camera is the Sony HX1 by a wide margin. All the other bridge cameras are worse to much worse compared to the Sony HX9V.

Since I had my Sony HX5, my HX1 just collects dust and that was pretty much the same case when I had the choice between my Canon S2 and the A60.
For everyday snap shooting nothing beats a versatile and easy to carry pocket camera.

Sony HX1 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Canon S2IS
Sony HX5 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Canon A60

With my HX1 I never used Aperture mode, because the tiny sensor and the slow lens already getting only a small amount of light and there is no sense in restricting it further.
Most special settings did produce less than desirable effects and were better applied in post processing. I missed the swivel display and the longer zoom when shooting with the HX5, but with a 16 x zoom and a 16MP sensor the HX9V has roughly the same magnification than the 20 x zoom and 9MP sensor HX1. Also the new display has much wider viewing angles and in combination with my SM Mirror I can simulate a hinged display.
Now let´s see how much better are the big boys regarding image quality.

Sony HX9V (left) vs Fujifilm HS20 (right)
see for yourself

Sony HX9V vs Sony HX100V - and as I suspected the 16x lens captures more detail
see for yourself

Sony HX9V (left) vs Canon SX30 (right)
see for yourself
Sony HX9V (left) vs Fujifilm HS10 (right)
see for yourself

Sony HX9V (left) vs Sony HX1 (right)
see for yourself

Sony HX9V (left) vs Panasonic FZ100 (right)
see for yourself


  1. Interesting comparison - but I find those LesNumeriques comparisons frustrating at best. The HX9V clearly looks best here. Part is no doubt that the in-camera sharpening is well chosen on the 9V. Why are the competitors cropped on the right?

  2. the crop is, so I can show the whole picture in original size on my to 640 pixel limited pages. And I decided to crop the dark part away because it makes more sense than to crop the part with the label.


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